1. iiAmShinobi

    SA Ark Survival Server with Primal Fear

    Ark Survival Server Server Name : AlteredGC - Ark 5x PVPVE Primal Fear Server IP : steam://connect/ Map : Ragnarok Mod Collection : Info Modded + Primal Fear PVP Only on Weekends! No Admin Abuse! Discord -...
  2. O

    ARK Survival Evolved

    Do you play ARK Survival Evolved ? Would you like to join a tribe ? My Self and 2 other people have been playing ARK for some time now, Real good fun. We have to increase our numbers though. If you would like to join some online locals from time to time, let me know. There is...
  3. C

    ARK Survival Evolved South Africa Server

    Hi everyone Looking for some players for our Ark server. We are hosting the island, the center and scorched earth with cross travel between all of them. We have some nice mods like stackmemore, structures +, and a few others. We have high gathering, taming, xp, etc rates. Just a laid back...
  4. L

    New South African ARK: Survival Server

  5. J ARK: Survival Evolved local server online

    GAMERSInc. ARK Survival Evolved server. XEON 6 Cores - 12 GB RAM - Cape Town DC - 1 GBe Breakout Status: Server Name: Server IP/Host...
  6. MDKza

    SiC ARK Survival Evolved Server

    Hi All! We have created a new ARK server for those interested. We have fully active admins that are around more often than not. Details about the server itself (for those looking for the details): 24/7 Hosted at a local datacentre 8 cores 6 Gig Ram 200Gig HDD Restarts happen...