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    Afrihost unbale to resolve DSL users DNS resolve issue

    I am at my wits’end about this problem with Afrihost. I am considering getting professional help resolving this so a recommendation for who to use would be appreciated. The problem is that Afrihost ADSL users are resolved to IP when they attempt to browse to the website...
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    Axxess don’t care about quality

    I swapped my ISP at the beginning of the month, from MWeb to Axxess (4mb uncap shaped). At that moment I really thought it was the right thing to do, fast realizing that it was a big mistake. The only reason I wanted to change is for the nice online control panel Axxess have. I suspected that...
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    Need help with Uncapped adsl. (noob alert!)

    Hey guys, My dad told me to look into maybe upgrading are 4meg line (3 gig cap) to a uncapped line the problem is that I heard from a buddy that after a certain amount of downloading telkom slows your line down and that you would probably be able to download more with a 3gig cap. Is this true...