1. W

    Unisa bsc general (98801-gen) astronomy and physics majors

    Good day all I would REALLY appreciate someone that can give me some guidance on the following : I want to change my UNISA qualification to the Bachelor of Science – General (98801-GEN) during the second semester. My majors would be Astronomy and Physics. However, reading through the...
  2. Afon Kulikov

    November’s Supermoon 2016 – Closest of a Lifetime?

    By now, you’ve heard the news. We’ll spare you the “it’s a bird, it’s a plane…” routine to usher in the Supermoon 2016. This month’s Full Moon is not only the closest for the year, but the nearest Full Moon for a 80 year plus span. Like Blue and Black Moons, a Supermoon is more of a cultural...
  3. Afon Kulikov

    Juno, Nasa probe has beamed back 1,300 images take

    Juno shares snaps from its epic journey: Nasa probe has beamed back 1,300 images taken on 1.8 BILLION mile trip to Jupiter Some really great photos
  4. J

    Celestron 130 SLT

    Hey guys, Newbie to this.... These questions are for Astronomy/Photography enthusiasts. I bought a Celestron SLT 130 Telescope... but i have a couple different questions... So, I alligned it using the software - works great... although, When i manually tune it to let's say a bright...
  5. B

    Server Naming Conventions

    Salutations sudo -i's, I've been preying around on my clientzone at Afrihost and found the most awesome server names they use for their servers! But, that's side-news for now. We shall find out who is the holy name-giver there later. I'm in the mood to throw a bunch of Linux servers...
  6. B

    Mars and you - Your opinion?

    I need your opinion on a topic for a speech I have to do. I'll be crediting those whose answers I pick ;) Here goes: Would you prefer living on Mars? IF YES Why? If you could go right now, what would you look forward to the most? What would you like to do on Mars? IF NO Why...
  7. jes

    Astronomers discover largest yellow star observed

    Astronomers discover yellow hypergiant star HR 5171, the brightest star just below the centre of this wide-field image, is a yellow hypergiant, a very rare type of stars with only a dozen known in our galaxy
  8. LazyLion

    New Planet Found in Our Solar System?
  9. HapticSimian

    To grasp a billion stars...

    To anyone with even a cursory interest in astronomy I can highly, highly recommend Dr. Phil Plait's blog - Bad Astronomy. Here's one of today's posts: Pretty damn orsm I'd say. Links to much bigger versions of the embedded images in the original blog post...
  10. LazyLion

    A Third of Russians Believe the Sun Revolves Around the Earth Those funny Russkies! :p
  11. W

    Astrophysics in the Karoo

    Gravity waves may still wash up in the dry Karoo Scientists in SA are gearing up to join the search for exotic cosmic phenomena. TAMAR KAHN Published: 2011/01/31 06:44:02 AM Source: SOUTH African scientists are getting ready...
  12. LazyLion

    Tatooine's twin suns coming to a planet near you just as soon as Betelgeuse explodes!
  13. jes

    Flex your science, tech muscle

    Flex your science, tech muscle South Africans have been urged to help the country win the bid to host the world largest radio telescope, the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), by highlighting their science and technology strengths.
  14. jes

    Experts spot smallest planet outside solar system

    Source : Sapa-AP _______________ Scientists say they've discovered five, six, or maybe seven planets orbiting a sun-like star more than 100 light-years away. It's the richest planetary system so far discovered and may contain at least one planet nearly as small as the Earth - which would...
  15. G

    Video : How we found hundreds of Earth-like planets For those who are not bandwidth impaired. So it would appear that there's lots of potential for life out there.
  16. LazyLion

    8 Wonders of the Solar System Interactive!
  17. D


    Howzit Guys, I uploaded some pics, power point slides, a video and a pdf that I collected over some time, hope u guys enjoy.. The pdf is on teaching yourself Astronomy visually...
  18. R

    Astronomy/Space What-If

    As an avid SciFi fan I was wondering the following: If somehow (space travel, wormhole created by LHC etc) you were transported a thousand lights years away to another planet (for the sake of keeping this basic its exactly earth like) and you then met an Extraterrestrial civilization that...
  19. M

    Poisonous comet heading for Earth

  20. M

    NASA Wants You to Decide Where It Should Look Next