backup software

  1. B

    Off site backup for home computers

    I would like to backup the 3 computers at my house to an offsite location (perhaps another family members house). What i need: Software: I need software on each of the computers that will automatically backup the computers (perhaps weekly) to the offsite location, Hardware: I would also need...
  2. L

    Database mirroring/backup

    I do not know enough about these things so I am in need of some help here. We have a little XP pc running an interbase server that is in need of some form of rapid recovery plan should it ever die due to hardware failure. Simply having another XP system on standby won't cover things like eg...
  3. J

    Backup Solutions - which is better, online solutions or FTP using backup software

    I run a small home business and I am looking for a good backup solution for off-site storage. What are the pro's and con's of going for an online backup solution like SpiderOak, Backblaze, Crashplan or Dropbox and backup software like Todo Backup, Genie Backup Manager, FBackup or NovaBackup...
  4. MeNeZ

    Good backup software?

    Hi guys, My company wants to move away from Symantec Backup Exec (coz its a giant arse pain) :wtf: Can anyone recommend some alternatives that are in use, suitable for small businesses that use hdd rotation as opposed to tape drives...