bad attitude

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    Anyone else at the wits end with Afrihost's WhatsApp support?

    I am so incredibly disappointed with the bad attitude of the staff serving clients on Afrihost's WhatApp support. 1. On average it takes over an hour to get a response, sometimes only the next day; 2. Staff make you reset everything before they help (as I haven't tried that before I reached out...
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    Vumatel - "Order Shelved" out of nowhere, anyone else had this issue?

    Hi everyone, I trust you're doing well and having a good weekend. I just got this email from Vumatel, after trying to get my line up again. Fast forward about 30 mins to an hour after phoning, resetting, checking and all manner of verification to see if I can get my internet back up, no luck...
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    Evetech- Worst service ever

    What an unbelievably horrible experience buying from these people. I purchased a mouse from them on the 27th of Feb and paid a courier fee to have it delivered and I am still without a mouse (14 March). They sent me a faulty one which I eventually received around the 5th or 6th of March. I...
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    My hellish first experience with Openweb

    I don't know why, but I thought I'ld give up a R99 uncapped package that was giving me a decent 50+ Gigs monthly in the hope that the R139 Openweb uncapped would perhaps give me a speed advantage and similar Gigs. Due to my being unable to utilize the net as much as I'ld hope to, I only...
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    Cell C has lost my girlfriend phone after it was checked in for a screen replacement!

    Hi ‘Cell-C’ Rep… I have a serious issue here. My girlfriend dropped her phone even after I had told her it was glass and to be careful but mistakes happen. My issue is that we took it in on the 5th of February to Cell C in festival mall it is now the 30th of March and we have been given the...