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    Internet for a farm near East london

    Hey guys, my friend lives on a farm between East London and Cinsta and they have wireless internet from a private provider but their ping is terrible and the download speed fluctuates so much, all they want to be able to do is have good enough ping to be able to game. I'm not sure if anyone...
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    Web Africa why so terrible :(

    My line at Web Africa has on separate occasions been having super bad international ping. Which made it unbearable to play any games. In the past I submitted tickets which they would respond to a week later, and by then the problem had resolved itself. But nonetheless the problem always stayed...
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    ISP blaming Telkom and Telkom blaming ISP for 2 monthes (since end of September 2014)

    My ping and jitter on my line usually gets worse from after 17h00 till morning 08h00. I sent print screen shots from ping tests done from my Axxess account and from the Telkom guest account for the last 2 monthes to Axxess. They also reported this with Telkom many times, but nothng happens...
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    Insane pings

    My problem is as follows: I had my adsl line (from axxess) activated at the beginning of August. I had an axxxess adsl account but at the end of the month I switched over to PCformat live (still keeping the axxess 1mb adsl line). As far as I can remeber I had the same ping problems with axxess...