1. A

    AOC Full HD 21.5" LCD Monitor for R1779 free shipping

    Hey guys, take a look at the new range of LCD monitors from AOC on our website. This is the specs for the 21.5" full HD widescreen: * Viewable Image Size 21.5" (16:9) * Brightness (typical) 300 cd/m2 * Contrast Ratio 60000:1 * Response Time 5ms * Optimum Resolution 1920 x...
  2. I

    Heres your chance!

    Anyone looking for a bargain deal? Well my upgrade is due with MTN. I dont need the phone as Im happy with the old one. You tell me any phone you would like as long as the contract doesnt exceed R180 per month on a MyCall 100... Im willing to sell you the phone brand new, unopened box for...
  3. LazyLion

    1 TB Hard drives for R785.46 from CSSI! Don't ask me why the advert price excludes VAT... but there it is. R785.46 with VAT for a SATA WD10EAVS HDD Call CSSI in Joburg at 011-541-9900 (received by my e-mail)
  4. F

    The 2009 Hot Deals Thread

    Seeing as we don't have a forum for posting good deals or bargains in, we may as well have a thread dedicated to it. Use this thread to post links to any good deals you know of, online or otherwise. Please lets just restrict it to CONSOLE and GAME related deals. I'll kick off, Kalahari has...
  5. hj2k_x

    Hardware Bargains

    New thread here: Every now and then there are specials at certain places that are worth mentioning, and i thought that seeing as there is a thread like this in the Gaming section already, it would be worthwhile having one...