1. B

    New bargain website: Bargains24

    Hi guys, Steve-o88 here, posting under my dealer name Bargains24. We’ve been working on a side project the past couple of months that I’d like to share. What is it? A community driven bargain sharing website called Bargains24 ( Check our video which gives a brief...
  2. JoziElectronics

    Specials for the next 10 days only

    Specials are now live for the next 10 days, Hard Drives Monitors Wifi repeaters and Routers All specials will be on our home page under the "Price drops" Section If you are still looking for something specific, please contact us
  3. Zenbaas

    Surround Sound/Home Theatre Bargains

    Post all the home theatre bargains you can find here. (While Dolby and Postmanpot are arguing about the name of the thread :D)
  4. M

    MyBB as a purchasing brand

    My idea is that by being registered members of MyBB, we would be able to get discounts at the time of purchase, this would guarantee the store that we will purchase in large quantities provided that we get the discounts to all our members. I've just mentioned it on another forum. The mods can...
  5. E

    All Esquire branches open on Monday 22 March 2010

    Hi All As you aware all ESQUIRE branches will be opened for trade on Monday, the 22nd March 2010 We have some great bargains on offer for this Monday only... click on the link below to view our special offers: also...
  6. LazyLion

    Your Opinion? SVA 3-IN-1 Photo/Slide/Film Scanner for R699

    Saw the advert in the Citizen on Friday. Company is called Direct Deals at the Woodmead Value Mart. SVA 3-IN-1 Photo/Slide/Film Scanner for R699 Is that a good price or is there a better machine out there? Thanks in advance.
  7. H

    LCD and Plasma Bargains

    LCD, Plasma and LED Bargains ** I couldn't find an existing thread for this, but if I overlooked it, please remove this one and point me in the right direction ** There is a very interesting thread for Hardware Bargains over at...
  8. LazyLion

    How's this laptop? - HP Compaq VL003EA

    OK, so I am looking at this laptop for my Dad, mainly for office work and watching the odd DVD or two. HP Compaq Presario CQ71-140ei Intel Pentium Dual Core T4300 17.3" HP Compaq...