1. RedViking

    What to Do If a Friend Comes to You With an Exciting New (MLM) Opportunity And interesting article to read. A simple "No" goes a long way. But what if they don't stop or if they start targeting your other friends and family? Or what if it is a close friend or family member...
  2. I

    Another Crypto Tax Thread

    Ooookay so just a quick question if anyone could assist, I submitted my IRP6 for period 1 this season and included all my crypto tax gains which I cashed out and just added them in with my normal income (I'm a freelancer), but I'm wondering if I didn't make a mistake doing so? I was wondering if...
  3. Anthro

    High Profile Accounts Hacked Tweeting BTC scams

    The following high profile accounts have been hacked within the past hour and are currently tweeting BTC scams: .@elonmusk .@BillGates .@coinbase .@CashApp .@ripple .@AngeloBTC .@SatoshiLite .@bitcoin. .@justinsuntron .@binance .@Tronfoundation .@kucoincom .@bitfinex .@Gemini...
  4. Hanno Labuschagne

    Bitcoin drops back below $10,000

    Bitcoin drops back below $10,000 Bitcoin slumped over the weekend after rising back above $10,000 late last week. The largest cryptocurrency fell 10% on Sunday according to Bitstamp pricing, its biggest one-day drop since March 12. It has dropped 13% from Friday and traded at $8,669 as of...
  5. Jamie McKane

    Bitcoin price rally could be ahead

    Bitcoin price rally could be ahead Bitcoin is struggling to hold onto gains following a prolonged bout of selling, but at least one measure shows that a rally could be ahead. Based on the DVAN Buying and Selling Pressure Gauge, Bitcoin jumped above a crucial level of resistance, triggering a...
  6. A

    Did someone use this guys ?

    Hi Guys Need your help Did someone register on this website before ? Thnak you Good day Alex
  7. Jamie McKane

    Bitcoin plummets

    Bitcoin plummets Bitcoin’s quickly shedding its recent designation by some advocates as a haven asset. Arguments that the largest digital token acts as a place of shelter during market turmoil diminished this week as Bitcoin slumped amid an intense bout of equity-market selling. [Bloomberg]
  8. Jamie McKane

    5 companies control Bitcoin

    5 companies control Bitcoin Bitcoin’s infrastructure is more centralized than ever before --raising alarms about the security and viability of what is championed as a decentralized network. Transactions on the Bitcoin network are processed by so-called miners -- mostly companies operating vast...
  9. Jamie McKane

    Massive hype for the Bitcoin "Halvening"

    Massive hype for the Bitcoin "Halvening" Bitcoin fever is rising again, with investors and traders growing increasingly excited over an important change to the blockchain expected in May 2020. Dubbed the "halvening", this event will see a change to the flow of Bitcoin into the blockchain...
  10. Jamie McKane

    Bitcoin's fantastic year

    Bitcoin's fantastic year 2019 has been a good year for the cryptocurrency market, with the price of many tokens increasing steadily in value throughout the year. Bitcoin – the world’s largest cryptocurrency – was priced at $3,739 at the beginning of 2019, while as of 1 December, it had more...
  11. Jamie McKane

    Bitcoin drops below $7,000

    Bitcoin drops below $7,000 Bitcoin dropped below $7,000 for the first time since November, with the sell-off pushing the cryptocurrency to its lowest level since May. The $6,500 level -- which the coin reached at the end of November -- is its next support line. [Bloomberg]
  12. Jamie McKane

    Bitcoin falls below $9,000

    Bitcoin falls below $9,000 Bitcoin’s push back below $9,000 has a key technical indicator suggesting the cryptocurrency risks entering a selling trend. The GTI Vera Convergence Divergence Indicator shows a narrowing gap between the signal and vera lines, which suggests a trend change may be on...
  13. Jamie McKane

    The world's most widely used cryptocurrency is Tether, not Bitcoin

    The world's most widely used cryptocurrency is Tether, not Bitcoin What’s the world’s most widely used cryptocurrency? If you think it’s Bitcoin, which accounts for about 70% of all the digital-asset world’s market value, you’re probably wrong. While concrete figures on trading volumes are...
  14. Jamie McKane

    Bitcoin is beginning to grow up

    Bitcoin is beginning to grow up Bitcoin is growing up. Monday marks the debut of futures contracts offered by Intercontinental Exchange Inc. that can result in delivery of the digital currency, a new chapter in Bitcoin’s tumultuous 10-year history. [Bloomberg]
  15. J

    Complete GPU Crypto Mining Farm For Sale + Extras

    Item name: Complete GPU Crypto Mining Farm For Sale + Extras Age and condition: Varies - Good condition all round Do you include packaging: Yes - full retail packaging for every single component Warranty: Yes - remainder of warranty on all components Reason for selling: Upgrading the mining...
  16. Jamie McKane

    Bitcoin is having its worst week of the year

    Bitcoin is having its worst week of the year Bitcoin’s having its worst week this year, and the rest of the cryptocurrency market isn’t doing much better. The world’s largest digital asset fell about 15% this week to around $10,145, the biggest five-day slide since November. The Bloomberg...
  17. Jamie McKane

    US delays Bitcoin ETF decision again

    US delays Bitcoin ETF decision again The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission again delayed a decision on approving two Bitcoin exchange-traded funds, dealing another blow to those in the cryptocurrencies community holding on to the belief that a favorable decision was imminent. The...
  18. Jamie McKane

    Bitcoin and gold rise as traders seek refuge

    Bitcoin and gold rise as traders seek refuge As gold climbed toward the psychological $1,500 mark, another speculative asset has also been staging a recovery. Bitcoin is well away from its historical peak; in fact, it’s below the recent June high. However, the two assets look to have been...
  19. Jamie McKane

    Bitcoin climbs above $11,000

    Bitcoin climbs above $11,000 Bitcoin climbed above the $11,000 level for the first time since mid-July and led gains among the biggest cryptocurrencies, as risk assets across Asia and Europe tumbled on escalating trade-war tensions. The largest cryptocurrency surged as much as 14% from...
  20. Jamie McKane

    How to purchase cryptocurrency in South Africa

    How to purchase cryptocurrency in South Africa It's been a while since cryptocurrency first leapt into the global spotlight thanks to its wild price rises, but many people are still unaware of exactly how it works. Before even contemplating a cryptocurrency purchase, it is important to note...