1. antowan

    Mozilla Thunderbird blank print preview error and one way to fix it

    If you use Mozilla Thunderbird and you get blank print previews for emails and obviously blank printout of sometimes many pages with nothing at all on them, here is how I fixed a client computer via the Thunderbird CONFIG EDITOR Click on TOOLS >> OPTIONS >> ADVANCED >> GENERAL >> CONFIG...
  2. ToniO

    DSTV blank screen

    Hi I'm house-sitting and am stuck getting DSTV to work. I switched the TV on and a channel was playing. Then I used the remote to bring up the TV guide (left arrow) - but when I chose another channel it showed a blank screen, with the info at the bottom. No channels play now, even the...
  3. S

    XBox with no ring of light

    Brand new Jasper Xbox 360. Controller worked out-the-box. Tried to associate a second controller, but then realised that the ring of light on the console shows NO light. So the second controller would not associate. Tried to re-associate the original controller, and that failed. Now I have 2...
  4. d0b33

    Ubuntu, create a user with a blank password

    If you're like me and not paranoid about security this might be useful... ->Open a terminal (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal) ->Type sudo gedit /etc/shadow ->Look for the line containing your user eg. user:$1$5druSp26$nVpXn5EVk73sWzZlhLuXNB1:13996:0:99999:7::: ->Replace the Bold...