1. Jamie McKane

    Nissan and BMW could be bringing electric cars to South Africa

    Nissan and BMW could be bringing electric cars to South Africa Nissan Motor Co., BMW AG and Volkswagen AG are among carmakers in talks to bring the electric-car revolution to South Africa, as the nation’s auto-factory floors risk being left behind in the global switch to greener vehicles. The...
  2. Jamie McKane

    Tencent teams up with BMW on self-driving cars

    Tencent teams up with BMW on self-driving cars Tech-giant Tencent Holdings Ltd. will partner with BMW AG to help develop self-driving vehicles in China. The pair began collaborating on what they called BMW Group China High Performance D3 Platform, which is scheduled to begin operations by the...
  3. GipsyD

    Tuning shop that can enable burbles on a ActiveHybrid 3?

    This thread is just food for thought, so bear with me... I've recently thought about the idea of the BMW F30 ActiveHybrid 3 (AH3) . Now, AFAIK, the 335i and the AH3 share the same power plant, the N55 engine, which means that these two are fundamentally the same when it comes to engines and...
  4. Ivan Leon

    BMW X1 Recalled Because It Doesn’t Meet Federal Safety Standards

    BMW is recalling 106,182 of its 2016 to 2019 X1 SUVs. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in the event of a crash where an occupant’s head contacts the B-pillar, the pillar may not absorb an adequate amount of the impact, as required by federal safety standards. The...
  5. S

    For Sale - 2010 BMW 330d

    Item name: BMW 330d e90 Exclusive Automatic, Alpine White III Extras: Rear PDC, Sunroof, Xenon Headlights + High Beam Assist, Bluetooth, BMW HiFi Audio Age and condition: 2010, +-89000km, Excellent Condition, Brand new rear tires Do you include packaging: Paint? Warranty: Not...
  6. GipsyD

    What is BMW's stand on 3rd party body modifications?

    Building on from the 335i post I created some time back... So my same friend is looking at getting an extended warranty with BMW South Africa on his second hand 335i Luxury Line. But like I said in the last post, he wants to upgrade it cosmetically (i.e. add a more "aggressive" M Style Body...
  7. GipsyD

    OEM M Sport Body Kit for F30 3 Series?

    One of my very good mates recently got a 335i Luxury Line (second hand, of course). He is more than pleased with the performance of the car, and especially the sound it makes from the rear end, but he feels that the Luxury Line body kit is too dull and subdued, and that it is hiding the car's...
  8. Jamie McKane

    Prototype charging station lets you drive 100km on a three-minute charge

    Prototype charging station lets you drive 100km on a three-minute charge BMW AG and Porsche unveiled a charging station that can jolt electric vehicles with enough power to drive 100 kilometers (62 miles) in less than three minutes, pushing ahead of Tesla Inc. in the race to make...
  9. Jamie McKane

    BMW unveils new iNext electric SUV

    BMW unveils new iNext electric SUV BMW AG unveiled the latest iteration of its planned electric-car flagship, morphing what started out as low-slung cruiser into a sporty SUV, as the German luxury-car maker scrambles to keep pace with rivals. The iNext concept -- revealed inside a cargo plane...
  10. Ivan Leon

    South Korea bans driving BMWs under recall due to fires

    South Korea will ban driving recalled BMWs that haven't received safety checks following dozens of fires the German automaker has blamed on a faulty exhaust gas component. South Korea's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said Tuesday the ban taking effect Wednesday affects about...
  11. Nivea

    Low Cars / Modded car thread.

    Hi guys, I thought I'd start a car thread ( unintentionally ) I currently drive a BMW M135i, stage 2, 300 wheel
  12. B

    Motor Vehicle Repairs - BMW 1 series

    Hi, I am a female and what I know about the workings of a car engine is scary to say the least, so after I heard a noise coming from the front of the engine, I stopped the car immediately after the noise started as I was not sure if it was serious or not. I drive a 2009 BMW 120i Convertible. I...
  13. T

    Who offers best 'Trade Assists' deals on vehicles or does it depend on your car....

    Hiya, Hope all well. just asking as learning here :) So for example VW offers 50k trade assist on a new gti (correct me if i am wrong) but dont offer nada on the 'R' premium hatchback. Other dealers like bmw offer 'cashback' deals etc. Who or what or where is best if you want to...
  14. T

    2018 M2 Manual yay or nay ? for the purpose of resale perhaps in 10 years :p

    Hi All, Under consideration now I am looking into buying a M2 (manual) , The Blue one ;). Its prob gonna cost me about 950k and yes its a 2018. optional almost everything except for the Heated seats and Light Package but has most other options available including M-package and seat belts etc...
  15. Nod

    [ArsTechnica] BMW’s offices raided by Munich police in search of diesel cheating

    Source: Rest of article at the link above ...
  16. Ivan Leon

    BMW R1200GS recalled in India for stanchion separation issue

    BMW Motorrad India has issued a recall of the R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure motorcycles over a stanchion separation issue. According to media reports, models K50 and K51 built during November 2013 and June 2017 are affected by the issue. BMW has notified owners of these bikes about...
  17. C

    BMW DVD/Video in motion Coding

    Does anyone know where i can unlock the speed limit dvd in motion settings for my bimmer? I dont know anyone is SA who has done it... I did check online and some sites are asking for a ridiculous amount (160 USD).. JHB / PTA Areas.
  18. B

    Need some advice on purchasing a BMW

    I'm currently in the market for a new car and found a secondhand 2012 F20 118i M Sport 103000KM so out of Maintenance plan Steptronic 8 speed Auto Leather seats iDrive Full service history My question, is it worth buying this car for 200K? Any known issues with this model? What...
  19. Kevin Lancaster

    BMW found guilty of misleading fuel consumption claim

    BMW found guilty of misleading fuel consumption claim The ASA has ruled that a BMW fuel consumption claim is misleading and that it should be withdrawn with immediate effect.
  20. Kevin Lancaster

    BMW motorcycle of the future unveiled

    BMW motorcycle of the future unveiled The BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 promises a “pure, unbounded ride experience”, and removes the need for helmets.