1. Kevin Lancaster

    New BMW 3 Series launched in SA

    New BMW 3 Series launched in South Africa The BMW 3 Series was launched in South Africa recently, celebrating over 40 years of the 3 Series brand being in production.
  2. S

    What's your car p0rn @ R500k

    Like most people in this forum I love cars...Just wondering what's your p0rnographic car, mine being the unicorn E46 M3 CSL, never driven the vehicle but i look forward to that day..
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    BMW Concept M4 GTS – the pinnacle of street-legal racers

    BMW Concept M4 GTS – the pinnacle of street-legal racers BMW has unveiled its latest concept car, the M4 GTS – which is described as “the pinnacle of BMW performance”.
  4. Z

    Car Advice needed.

    I have a BMW E36 fully paid for standing at home. I am now at the point of selling it, as I cannot afford to spend anymore money on it. What I would like to know is how do I go about getting rid of it, even selling it to a scrapyard is an option for me. This is the problems with the car. 1)...
  5. P

    Sell or Give: What To Do

    I haven't been here in ages, but def needed the never ending wisdom of the MyBB forumites :D So I'm about to order (hope nothing messes up the deal now, including the dreaded price increases every few months now) a Mercedes-Benz A200 with AMG kit, pano sunroof, bi-xenon headlights, park assist...
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    BMW i8 – one sexy sports car

    BMW i8 – one sexy hybrid sports car The BMW i8 packages fuel efficiency and impressive performance in one of the best-looking bodies on the road
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    BMW fixes ConnectedDrive security flaw

    BMW fixes ConnectedDrive security flaw German automaker BMW says it has fixed a security flaw that made 2.2 million of its vehicles vulnerable to break-ins
  8. T

    2010 BMW E90 LCI 330i Petrol, Silver, Auto, Exclusive Pack for sale.

    Item: 2010 BMW E90 LCI 330i, Silver, Auto, Exclusive Pack for sale. Age: Just in her 5th year. Condition: Excellent body condition, excellent interior condition, excellent mechanical condition.New RF tires 85% tread left.Full franchise service history from JHB BMW dealerships: Lyndhurst...
  9. Ivan Leon

    The BMW 2-Series Becomes A RWD Mini Cooper With Three-Cylinder Engine

    The super enthusiast-friendly BMW 2-Series seems to be a hit, with BMW constantly adding new features like all-wheel drive and a convertible top. Now it may have just become the most fun three-cylinder car you can buy. (Okay, besides the i8.) BMW announced today that the car will get a...
  10. jes

    BMW Connected Drive launched in South Africa

    BMW Connected Drive launched in SA The “ConnectedDrive” services for BMW cars has been launched in South Africa
  11. akescpt

    keep e36 or buy i10?

    so with the rising petrol price I need to make a decision around keep or buying. I love driving the e36 but the petrol is costing me about R1600 monthly. I throw in R400 and get about 300 kilometers per week. only expenses has been occasional service, brakes and 2 tyres since I bought it about 4...

    I want to buy a 2nd hand BMW

    I see loads of 3-series BMW's from 2007 - 2009 coming in under R120000 with under 120000kms on the clock. It's been said many times on this forum to refrain from buying a 2nd hand BMW, but I need to know why. I want to hear feedback from people who DID buy a 2nd hand BMW. What are the service...
  13. N

    BMW 120d F20 5door

    Guys, need some advice, im looking at a 120d, m sport, auto, estoril blue, with sunroof, xenons and leather. The new price is around 430k:wtf: anyway, a certain dealership is giving me a 10% discount, which is about 387k. compared to a 2nd hand model, 2013, with 15k on the clock...
  14. N

    Another,"Help me choose a car" thread...

    Ok, so, that time again, need to look at another car. I am not looking for scathing comments about brands, cost etc, just decent thoughts opinions and suggestions. Im currently looking at the 120d, 5 door, possibly a one year old model, MSport with a couple bells and whistles. What i...
  15. akescpt

    E36 Intermittent Idicators

    this problem is driving me insane. this needs to be fixed. changed fuses and swapped the flash relay but no dice. if anyone in cape town, preferably northern suburbs can recommend a good auto-electrician id appreciate it. got good service from a shop in paarden island a while back so ill go...
  16. genetic

    Oil top up for a BMW 1 series

    I recently bought a 2nd hand 2006 BMW 118i with just over 100k km on the clock. It went for a full service just before I bought it about 3 months back, and obviously had an oil change. The car told me it needs an oil top up. What oil should I use? Synthetic? I've done some searching on the...
  17. A

    BMW 320d E90 2010 vs VW Jetta 2.0 TDi 2010

    I'm almost scared to post this, reading other threads BMW drivers hate VWs. Everyone else hates BMW drivers. Eish.:confused: Is there anyone out there that has experience with both these and can compare them?? I'm looking for something more fuel economic, but not too pricey and in the...
  18. N

    Xenon lights

    Was driving my lil sister to school this morning and came across 2 Blue F30 BMW 3 series M Sport cars next to each other, 1 had Xenons and the other didn't... I'd definitely pay the 8k for those lights! Wow...
  19. N

    BMW service centres in Sandton

    Hi I need a major service done on my BMW and its out of motor plan. Where could I send my car in the Sandton area? Will there be a major difference in price if I take it to a BMW dealer or a private person?
  20. werfie

    INFO - 2005 BMW X3 2.0d

    I am looking at buying a 2005 BMW X3 2.0d, car is in great condition, still in motorplan (although just) with about 75000km on the clock for about 150k. I really like the car, but two things: 1. Is there anything I should look out for that may have been a consistent problem on these cars...