1. jes

    It's Beamers versus Benzes at the Department of Communications

    It's Beamers versus Benzes at the Department of Communications Communications minister tried to hold on to her Mercedes-Benz ML 4x4s instead of the incumbent BMW 750i vehicles

    The World's Biggest BMW Dealership Now Open. Costing around R630million to construct, the world's biggest BMW dealership, selling BMW, BMW Motorcycles, Mini and Rolls Royce, opened in Abu Dhabi. A 35000m2 showroom with a permanent 70 cars and 10 bikes...
  3. LazyLion

    BMW skewered on a Steel Barrier Section!

    Would love to know what happened here....
  4. Rouxenator

    Good use for a Z4

    Tow a VW.... Oh, the regular VAG trolls are welcome to comment.
  5. Derrick

    BMW creates a shape shifter with cloth

    So, you’ve been driving the same old car for a while now and somehow the car just lost it’s magic luster that you swore at the dealership would never disappear. Now whenever you walk over to the garage there is this sinking feeling that things just aren’t what they used to be. There is a dent in...
  6. C

    Don't DIY your carkit...get a BMW

    iPhone and iPad accessories!
  7. M

    Should I wait?

    Hi everyone. So I decided to purchase a M3, put down the deposit and have been waiting since October last year for the car. I'm dealing with Sandton Auto and I have been told that my car should be here in july/august. I was just wondering if I should cancel the car and tell BMW to bugger off or...
  8. N

    E46 BMW 320d

    Hi Guys, I'm interested in buying a 2002/2003 BMW 320d. The one I'm looking at, has 99 000 km's on the clock. What I'm worried about is the turbo. How reliable is the turbo on this car? I know that there were issues with these turbos, but I heard BMW recalled them. So would this car have been...
  9. HapticSimian

    This will not end well... Audi commercial I'm quite partial to both - BMW's response is bound to be interesting...
  10. M

    Audi vs Lexus

    I've got a budget of less than R100,000 and I'm considering 2 options. 1). 1999 or later Lexus IS200 manual, or 2). 2002 or late Audi A4 (1.8T/1.9TDi/ 2.0) I wont consider a BM cos I know how and when to use indicators and so dont think that I would "fit in wit the crowd". What so you guys...
  11. N

    BMW panel beater - jhb

    If anyone is looking for one, lyndhurst auto ARC, is TOP QUALITY!!!!!! Took my car there last week, they did such an awesome job and in less time than they promised, wont go anywhere else in future.. THEY phoned me every few days with updates, i only had to phone them once.. I never...
  12. Mars

    I'm thinking about buying a BMW.

    I have shopped around a bit. Most of the dealers are only willing to give me around 90k as a trade in for my 1yo Cherry Tiggo TXE. The book value for trade in is 123k. So I got a little pissed off. I told them that the trade in assist does not mean that they can rip the naught out of it on the...
  13. S

    M3 goes touring with V10 power

    From Wheels24 and some e-mail I received Mkay, so who is going to get one then? And I call shotgun on roadtrip :p :D More reading at the link.
  14. S

    BMW & Motorplan Q&A

    Got a '05 320d which is still in Motorplan. Well since the Motorplan is in the previous owner's name - does that cause any problem at all? Or do I just call up and book the car in with my name. Nothing wrong with the car, just wanna have it run through by the technicians.
  15. S

    Bling BMW - A slap in our faces.

    "Ask Minister Siphiwe Nyanda what government officials do in a recession..." What does communications minister Siphiwe Nyanda do in the middle of a recession, where jobs are being lost, houses and cars are being repossessed by the thousand, most industries are in negative growth and we are...
  16. N

    Yaris T3 + to a BMW 3 series

    Hi guys. At the moment I have a Black 2006 Toyota Yaris T3+ plus, with 60,000 Km on the clock. I might sell it for the 3 series. My friends mom is selling her 2005 BMW 320i with 90,000 kms on the clock. I'm thinking of buying it (I love BMW's). How much is it to extend the motorplan on the BMW...
  17. Rouxenator

    True BMW drivers use diesel

    OK OK - I know - this is not a VW and I actually like BMW - plus you may have seen this type of thing before. But still - its a classic ! :cool:
  18. H

    How expensive are 3 series BMW's to maintain?

    Does anyone have any experience with BMW 3 series (more specifically, the standard 318 from around 2004). Are they really that much more expensive to maintain than say, a polo or Golf 4 from around the same time? How much are service costs in general if you don't go to the dealership? adios...