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  1. Jan

    Suveer Ramdhani's journey from Seacom to BluNOVA - and his tech choices

    Suveer Ramdhani — From building Seacom to creating a new AI engine Former Seacom executive Suveer Ramdhani is one of South Africa's unsung heroes who played a pivotal role in making uncapped broadband possible. Ramdhani's professional journey started at Eskom as a project manager after...
  2. jes

    Brian Herhily resumes role as Seacom CEO

    Brian Herhily resumes role as Seacom CEO The CEO of Seacom, Mark Simpson, will be leaving the undersea cable operator
  3. QuintonB

    SEACOM founder receives WEF award

    SEACOM’s Brian Herlihy receives top accolade World Economic Forum chooses SEACOM’s Brian Herlihy as a Young Global Leader for 2012
  4. Gatecrasher

    Malema wants Seacom, Eassy nationalised

    From Tech Central: Malema wants Seacom, Eassy nationalised :whistle:
  5. rpm

    Brian Herlihy

    Mr. Herlihy has extensive experience in mega-infrastructure projects in Africa spanning a number of disciplines including power generation, chemical processing plants, ports and telecommunications. Mr. Herlihy has worked in Africa for eleven years before founding the SEACOM project in 2006...
  6. rpm

    SEACOM reveals pricing

    SEACOM reveals pricing
  7. rpm

    SEACOM begins construction
  8. rpm

    SEACOM Marine Survey to start in South Africa