1. K

    LG OLED Green Haze Issue - LG C7

    Hi guys Has anyone had or is having issues with LG OLED TV where when there's yellow content, there's a green haze on screen. I have not noticed it on any other colour. I have an LG OLED C7 Model OLED55C7V-T. First noticed when watching The Simpsons(lots of yellow), there is a green haze...
  2. RedViking

    Six mine workers die after their bus is set alight

  3. D

    Remove Skin Tan fast

    Hi all :) Im new here. I have been surfing too much and got a bad tan this weekend. I say bad because I am naturally a caramel skin tone and now I am seriously dark and only my face neck hands and feet because of the wet suit, this looks horrible Please some advice on how to get my...
  4. S

    Installing Ubuntu from FTP

  5. Rouxenator

    Starry nights, Citi Golfs and braaivleis (where you are the braaivleis)

    Sad story : http://www.news24.com/Content/SouthAfrica/News/1059/8ae30d247fa34bbf8091cb4767915efc/18-03-2010-11-01/Man_burnt_to_death_in_N2_smash Mthatha - A man was burnt to death when his car collided with a bakkie on the N2 between Mthatha and Qumbu, Eastern Cape police said on Thursday...
  6. mercurial

    How to burn 90 calories an hour with your brain

  7. S

    Mom, 18, stubbed out cigarette on her baby.

    Crazy bitch should be burned! :mad: Linkage
  8. mercurial

    Spa Treatment Burns Skin Off Teen's Body

  9. mercurial

    Man found burned in apartment with no sign of fire

  10. T

    ATX power connector. Extra crispy, where/how to replace?

    On this motherboard I have the ATX connectors from the PSU/board started to heat up a lot, melting together and burning at some pins: Board PSU Firstly, I want to replace the connector on the PSU, the PSU still works fine as far as I can tell, I'm sure though that the burned pins...