1. V

    Case Logic SLRC-206 Camera and Laptop Bag

    Bought this for my camera but have never used it. Item is in pristine condition. Looking for R1100 but willing to negotiate. Collection is in Pretoria but i can ship using postnet .
  2. J

    Nikon D5300 100th Anniversary Triple Lens Kit

    Item name : Nikon D5300 100th Anniversary Triple Lens Kit Age and condition: 1.3 years Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: Career taking over my time. Price: R8.500 Location: Cape Town, Helderberg. Shipping or collection: Collection yes. Shipping at buyers cost...
  3. R

    Money Maker Camera Harness - Sale

    Item name: Money Maker camera harness Age and condition: brand new, excellent condition Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Not being used Price: R 5 500 Negotiable: No Location: Cape Town CBD (Near the Fire and Ice hotel) Shipping or collection: Collection Imported...
  4. Z

    [SALE] Canon EOS 1300D

    Item name (be very descriptive): The Canon EOS 1300D is a user friendly, entry-level DSLR that combines great image quality with a range of smart features. The camera boasts a highly sensitive 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor which delivers crisp, colour accurate imagery and great low light performance...
  5. jostian

    [S] Nikon D500 Body

    Item name: Nikon D500 Age and condition: just over a year, but used very little, just over 2000 actuations, absolutely pristine, no signs of use whatsoever, I'm rather OCD with my kit, even have little pads under the body to avoid marking. main feautures: 20.7MP APS-C (DX-format) sensor 153...
  6. Segg

    Canon 750D Time Lapse

    What's up guys I've got a 750D and have figured out the basic (read kak) time lapse function where one sets a focus range and the camera records from there This results in a rubbish time lapse as only a quarter or so of the frame is in focus Does anyone know a trick to ensure the whole...
  7. RedViking

    Webcam, what to buy? (Advice Needed)

    Ave! I am looking for a webcam below R1000. Any suggestions on what would be good for the price range? It will be used for conference calling etc. Here is the top results on takealot, anyone of them good?
  8. mattrudlles

    I want to buy an entry level DSLR or Mirrorless

    I recently went to India and couldn't get a picture of Mt Everest and realised that a camera phone really is not a substitute for a decent camera. Going forward I would like to have something decent to take on overseas trips, for casual photography and family events, and so on. I have narrowed...
  9. Jamie McKane

    Sony's new super-fast cameras are taking on Canon and Nikon

    Sony's new super-fast cameras are taking on Canon and Nikon Eight seconds. That's how long a cowboy needs to stay on a bucking bronco to qualify for a rodeo score. For photographers, that's barely enough time to take just a few blurry, often unusable pictures. "In the past, these images...
  10. M

    Wanted: Olympus mju II film camera

    If anyone has an Olympus MJU II film camera (or the American version, Olympus Style Epic) for sale please let me know.
  11. N

    Unused equipment : CCTV Cameras, Barcode scanners, Voip phone, Canon Printer

    Item: Wireless Barcode Scanner Vcall / with USB data receiver Age: > 1 year Warranty: No Packaging: No Condition: Unused, like new Location: Crown Mines, JHB Reason: Unused equipment Shipping: Yes, for your cost and to arrange Collection: Yes, preferable Price: 400.00 (Market NEW...
  12. O

    Curious WIFI SSID issue (not urgent but puzzling...)

    I have a strange query related to my WIFI Setup at home. Firstly, the disclaimer to cover my own behind : my WIFI is managed by my ISP and as such I don't have admin rights or control over my router or WIFI configuration at all. Now, on the the observation. I have many devices from...
  13. F

    My Two special Moments when Capturing Wedding Photos

    I have always considered weddings and birthdays as hectic days for any photographer unlike formal events. Formal events are interesting to capture because everything is in order and you move around as a photographer to capture every special moment. The formal setting also makes it easy to focus...
  14. C

    Amazon and Shipping cameras

    Hey guys, About to pull out my hair. After almost two weeks and using about 400 rand to try sort out this I am just about done. I had ordered a Sony A7II as well as two lenses from Amazon (supplied by them too) and it was due last week Thursday by DHL express. Tracking showed that it was not...
  15. Newsfeed

    Automatic image retouching on your phone

    Automatic image retouching on your phone System can apply a range of styles in real-time, so that the viewfinder displays the enhanced image.
  16. jostian

    [S] Sony NEX 7 Mirrorless APS-C Camera

    Item name: Sony NEX 7 camera with 16-50mm PZ lens (SOLD) This is an absolute bargain! Excellent condition, screen protector on, less than 3500 actuations, APS-C size sensor IQ in a very compact package, built in flash and 2.3 million dot Electronic View Finder. This is a serious photographic...
  17. Newsfeed

    Ultra-high-contrast digital sensing

    Ultra-high-contrast digital sensing Virtually any modern information-capture device — such as a camera, audio recorder, or telephone — has an analog-to-digital converter in it, a circuit that converts the fluctuating voltages of analog signals into strings of ones and zeroes.
  18. O

    Renting lenses and camera gear?

    Hi all, Any recommendations for places \ shops \ websites to rent lenses and accessories from at a good price? In the Pretoria-Jhb area? I've seen a couple of websites and I'm tempted to try out renting equipment rather than selling major organs to buy new gear. I would probably try out a...
  19. Kevin Lancaster

    A faster single-pixel camera

    A faster single-pixel camera New technique greatly reduces the number of exposures necessary for “lensless imaging.”
  20. O

    Where to get a Tripod mount adapter for Smartphone in South Africa?

    I've been looking for an adapter to mount my iPhone 6S on Velbron Tripod that I typically use with camcorders and point and shoot \ ultra zoom \ dslr cameras. Obviously the shoe that comes with the tripod fits just about every normal camera and camcorder, but it seems most tech and photography...