1. F

    Don't camera importers pay shipping, VAT, etc?

    I see a certain digital camera is available in the US for $899, i.e. R13 900. Local camera stores are pricing it at R12 400 - R14 300. How is this possible?
  2. J

    Top 10 smartphone cameras of 2018

    Top 10 smartphone cameras of 2018 Smartphone cameras are becoming increasingly more capable, and in some situations they can be just as good as a DSLR camera. Flagship smartphone manufacturers are cramming increasingly complex camera systems into their products, with many devices now offering...
  3. Bryn

    Smart outdoor security cameras in SA?

    I searched but don't see this discussion covered. I already have a decent Samsung CCTV 4-channel kit running and it provides 1080p live feeds on a display in the kitchen of both entrances to the property and two decent vantage points that give a good idea of who is outside. They're used pretty...
  4. G

    Gearbest Ordering - Gimbal

    Hi guys, I'm interested in ordering a Zhiyun Smooth Q gimbal/stabilizer from I've noticed that they've been mentioned on MyBroadband before. Have you ordered anything through the site? If so, was it reliable?
  5. A

    Cameras on the Complex Fibre Network

    I have had fibre installed at our complex by Vumatel and in the initial and subsequent meetings, I was assured that we could put the cameras on the "internal network", but once everything was done, nobody knows who I can speak to. I refuse to pay R250 per month per camera to just put up a...
  6. A

    Network cable & FIBRE installation

    Hi guys I'm looking for a reliable company for network cable and fibre installation, the project is quite big, looking at a total of around 350-400 points for IP cameras, which will be rolled out over time. Please let me know of any reputable certified installers who can provide warranty.
  7. LazyLion

    Banks using Spy Cameras to reposses cars

    Hundreds of cars are being repossessed by agents employed by banks who drive around in unmarked cars with number plate recognition cameras mounted on top, the Star reported on Monday. According to the report banks and owners of the technology claimed they were acting within the law, but the...
  8. Derrick

    Meet yourself with a couple of cameras and a tummy rub

    Ever wondered what it is like to meet yourself? Ever wanted to experience a near death or out of body experience? With the help of Swedish science, now you can! Rather brilliant research at the Karolinska Institute by Dr Hendrik Ehrsson and colleagues have resulted in some scary results where...
  9. M

    UK: The school with 100 spy cameras