canal walk

  1. H

    Is it possible to get a passport for a minor from Standard Bank in Canal Walk?

    I did the online application on e-Home Affairs but when I wanted to book the appointment I wasn't given the option to do it at Canal Walk. Was it because I paid with an ABSA account or because Standard Bank Canal Walk don't do minor passports, or something else? We ended up having to go with...
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    Cape Town gaming expo in Canal Walk

    Cape Town gaming expo in Canal Walk The Canal Walk Gaming Expo will kick off on 27 October 2015.
  3. S

    Telkom Mobile Canal Walk can't supply devices

    I now understand why Telkom is so widely hated. 12 days ago I applied to upgrade my contract from one costing R180/month to one costing R200 a month. It took them a few days to approve that. I guess that's understandable although retarded. Since then I have been waiting for them to actually...
  4. medicnick83

    My MTN experience

    Hi all, So I want to share my experience with MTN and taking out a 'new' contract with them. So, a month ago, my girlfriend decides she wants to upgrade her 1 contract, goes to Canal Walk after chats to the Somerset Mall branch, we go there, chat to a consultant Bulalani and after say 20 to 30...
  5. W

    Fire at Canal Walk Mall in Cape Town early this afternoon

    Earlier today at around lunch time, there was a fire at Canal Walk, this is news via the grapevine, and here is one of five photos sent to me. I hope nobody was injured, the parking lot looks empty, perhaps they did a quick evacuation.
  6. S

    Canal Walk prepares to rip you off and ensures that they don't get ripped off.

    Ripping you off: The free 20 minute parking is now a thing of the past. Ideal that they'd make this change with the shopping season about to get into full swing. Usually I'd just run in and get something to eat and then be on my way out. I hate malls so never do any other kind of...
  7. medicnick83

    Canal Walk ... HAHA!

    I went to Canal Walk yesterday with my girlfriend and look what we noticed: Can you see it?
  8. M

    Dros Canal Walk

    Has anybody on this forum gone and spent their money their since it re-opened in Dec? I am very curious on how the guys is doing and whether he is busy and making money!