car dealership

  1. J

    Buying a car from a dealership vs privately

    Hello People! I am planning to buy a car in Cape Town in cash. I am not sure whether I should buy it from a dealership or privately. From what I have seen, buying privately will be a little cheaper. However, there may be some cons to it which I am not aware of. Could someone please guide me on...
  2. P

    Used i20 vs Fiesta

    I'm looking to buy a car around R120k and the 2016 Fiesta has caught my attention. My friend recommends checking the 2016 i20. My priorities are price, fuel economy and reliability. I'm also a bit paranoid of the used car dealerships cause I'm in the Gauteng area so any advice on that too would...
  3. S

    Bad experience buying used Nissan X Taril

    5 months ago we purchased a Nissan through a very big dealership up country (we live on the coast). We traded in our Nissan Micra and financed the remainder through a bank. On arriving home we noticed it was leaking oil and overheating. We immediately notified the dealership and took it to a...
  4. Puk

    Dealer threatening to rescind purchase after car trade-in

    Hi guys, Buying something expensive (like a car) is always stressful. I drove a Jeep with a 2.4L engine and it was starting to cost me way to much to maintain (services, high fuel consumption etc.). So, of Friday, I traded it in for a Toyota Etios. This morning, the dealer phones (very...
  5. O

    What are the documents to receive when buying used car?

    Hi, I will be buying a used car from a dealer or private seller very soon. I am in the final stages negotiating the final price with both. I need information on which documents I must receive from either seller to confirm the car is mine? I want to avoid buying a stolen car I want...
  6. Rouxenator

    How much do dealers profit on trade-ins ?

    Earlier this week I traded in my 2006 Corsa Lite with 53,780km on the clock. It was pretty much in new condition since it had seat covers from the time it was bought. The only modifications I made was fitting 4 JVC speakers in the standard mounting pods (no cutting, kept it stock) since the...
  7. H

    Worlds Largest Csr Dealership - has a racetrack on the roof! Looks pretty cool, but i agree, i seriously doubt this will be a financial success in the long run. Cool concept though!