car insurance

  1. nah-no

    Car Insurance: Pay more per month for no excess

    Just got a call from discovery car insurance. I am currently paying them R1200 with R4000 excess (which I always have on hand, in emergency fund) but the sales person wants me to increase the premium to R1350 for R0 excess. I've only ever claimed once for a write off, in November 2020. Is this...
  2. Z

    2007 vs 2017 Toyota corolla: Help me choose

    Hey guys, I am 27 years old, i am looking at buying a toyota corolla because i heard they last longer. So i am stuck between two options (I have saved up 80k): 1. 2007 corolla 1.6i with 120k mileage for 80k (I will pay cash. buy only third party insurance which should cost around R200p/m). 2...
  3. P

    Best Insurance Company

    I am looking to change my insurer for my car and household items and thought I would get some recommendations. Please let me know who you would / would not recommend. Thanks!
  4. EnderZaMan

    (Quote to written off claim) Naked Insurance Review, you asked for my experience, here it is.

    For those who don't know, Naked is backed/under-written by Hollard insurance. It is an App/AI based insurance company; it takes around 90 seconds to get quoted. (It seriously does) This was my first ever car, I was 19 at the stage of quoting, and it was a performance car. (Fiesta ST 2013) I...
  5. C

    Car Insurance Question

    I've been interested in Prime Meridian's car insurance before but my wife convinced me to get car insurance through her family's broker. I'm not so happy with my current insurance - I had to claim recently and my excess payment was huge. It's my fault - I never read all of the fine print - the...
  6. NicJLock

    First-time Car Insurance - Broker or no?

    Hey all, So here's the situation: I'm 25 and have settled into a job that I can see myself doing for the long haul. Pay isn't fantastic yet, but I've been there 6 months and can already see the potential for growth. I'm looking to take over my car insurance. Currently a registered driver on my...
  7. D

    How to get cheaper CAR INSURANCE

    If you would like to get a cheaper car insurance premium then this post is for you. All you need to do is call your car insurance company (I usually get them to call me back by posting a request for a call back online), and then tell them that you want to cancel your contract. They'll ask you...
  8. N

    Insurance and paying of car

    I am in the process of settling my car with MFC, it is currently insured comprehensively with Alexander Forbes. I would like any advise or experience you can share with me but the biggest questions I have regarding the insurance is: Are there any changes I need to make with my insurance post the...
  9. Foxhound5366

    Do you recommend your car insurance?

    Ok, so some people might have seen that I've been a fan of Outsurance on here, but I think we may have to part after the latest annual re-rate I received. They informed me that my premiums were going up from R874 to R1261/month ... a cool bump of 44% 0.o When I phoned them they confirmed the...
  10. T

    Car Insurance - who's the best bang for buck?

    So, I am being severely man-handled by Outsurance. I moved up to JBurg from Cape Town last year and they increased my car insurance premium by R100. Then, I moved from Dainfern to Fourways, and they increased it by another R50. And now, they have just increased it again for their annual...
  11. R

    Car insurance

    Is it possible that I can insure my car and my girlfriends car in one package? I know some people that is married and pays like R600 a month for 2 cars and house content on one insurance package. Is this possible without being married?