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  1. jkphones

    JK Phones

    JK Phones as a reliable cellphone and accessories seller that is in the industry for around 2 decades aims to provide consumers with the best phones in affordable prices. We have featured a variety of phones for sale on our website to help our customers in buying durable cellphones and build a...
  2. jes

    Call rate reductions not likely from mobile providers

    Call rate reductions not likely from mobile providers Mobile termination rates will be reduced next week, but the cellular operators do not look keen to cut their voice rates
  3. jes

    New Sony Ericsson phones unveiled

    New Sony Ericsson phones unveiled Sony Ericsson reveals some of the phones they plan on launching in South Africa before the end of the year
  4. P

    Sharp will start making cell phones for EU/USA

    According to Itmedia, Sharp (the biggest mobile maker for Japan) will be marketing their phones in the EU/US. Sharp has recently started to export their mobiles to HK, Taiwan and China; now we may see them here. Source: http://plusd.itmedia.co.jp/mobile/articles/0808/27/news051.html...
  5. K

    XBOX Live with cellphone?

    I've had some issues with Telkom and I'm without an ADSL line at home right now and it seems it might be some time before I'll get my line back. I was wondering if anyone has tried connecting to live with their cellphone connected to the PC. I got some info here...
  6. C

    Pls Help Me Here

    Hi Everybody, I am new here, so forgive me if this post is in the wrong place. Can someone pls help me, I am trying to find where I can download updated maps for my Nokia 6110 Navigator, without have to pay 69 euros. Thanx a lot Craig