1. Jamie McKane

    The fastest way to charge your smartphone

    The fastest way to charge your smartphone Smartphone charging technology has come a long way since the days of microUSB chargers, but it has also become more confusing. The charging time for a smartphone depends on the connector type, charger cable, adapter, manufacturer, and chipset, making...
  2. T

    Someone to repair iPhone 6 logic board?

    Hi. long time lurker - first post! Looking for someone to replace the charging IC on an iPhone 6 logic board. Did some searching online, and this seems the solution to my problems. The phone is a throw away if this can't be repaired, so I'm prepared to take a chance. Does anyone have...
  3. J

    Slow Wireless Charging after System Update - Galaxy S6 edge

    I had a system update on Saturday, 6th February (Android 5.1.1 and Android security patch level 2016-01-01). Since then, my phone charges ridiculously slow using the standard Samsung wireless charger. However, when it's switched off, there are no wireless charging problems, everything works as...
  4. A

    Galaxy s3 mini microUSB port replacement

    Hi all It looks like my charging port is giving up the ghost. You can buy replacements on ebay, Amazon etc but is there a South African retailer for these kinds of parts? I don't want to order a replacement, only to have it disappear into the limbo that is the South African postal system.
  5. R

    Wall Sockets/plate with Built in USB

    Hi Guys, Ive been looking for a wall socket that has built in USB points for a while now and have been unable to source any. I'm looking for the socket which is actually built into the wall (Wall plate socket). I have looked everywhere I can think and have asked all the electrical shops...
  6. K

    Galaxy S5 Charging issues

    Hi Guys Just wanted to know if anybody has experienced anything similar or has any solutions: My wife and I both have Galaxy S5's. Hers is a 16Gb LTE (Vodacom) and mine is a 32Gb Non-LTE (Nashua). Her phone shipped with a USB3 charger, mine with a normal micro usb. Her charger does work on...
  7. M

    Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE doesn't want to charge

    Ever since the weekend I have been struggling to charge my S3. Sometimes when the phone feel like it, it charges. I couldn't get the phone to charge on the 2 chargers at home or with my car charger. Here at the office it's charging via the usb from my laptop. And no, the phone hasn't been...