1. NewMoney

    Confused about the CIPC COR39 lodgement (Director Amendment) email

    Hi, I recently registered a new PTY (Ltd) directly on A few days later I added my brother as a Director alongside myself. I did this on the CIPC eServices website and Lodged the Amendment. I then received the COR39 Lodgement email where they instruct you to sign and date...
  2. H

    Trademark renewal

    Hi, I need to renew a trademark that's registered under several classes. Having a lawyer handle the renewal will cost >R10k. The actual fees to CIPC is less than R3k. Does anyone know whether I can simply file the renewal myself? Or do I need an attorney? I can't seem to find a clear answer...
  3. M

    My company shows "Non-compliant tax status found" on CSD

    My company shows "Non-compliant tax status found" on CSD and the TCC expires in May 2018. Does anyone know what might be causing this. Thanks.
  4. H

    Sole Proprietor - do I need to reserve a name & register a defensive name with CIPC ?

    hi guys! I am embarking on a very small startup venture part-time, and hence will be a Sole Proprietor. I've been reading very conflicting feedback on MyBroadband and other internet forumns regarding whether I need to register on CIPC or not. Please help! So there is my business name that I...
  5. O

    Tax User does not have applicable rights for captured Income Tax reference number

    Hi Everyone I need help regarding an issue I encoutered trying to apply for tax clearance for close corporation,I am their consultant but SARS declined activating me for some reasons,please advice.
  6. pratlou

    Is CIPC website offline?

    Just no sure whether is my device or what. But since beginning of this month, I have been trying to login to keep getting this error message. Has anyone experienced similar error?
  7. A

    When should a private company /.pty's financial statements to be audited?

    I read different guides some say that private companies don't have to file audited financial statements. I read in another guide that you should change your Memorandum of Incorporation MOI in order to not have to file audited financial statements this is the guide...
  8. A

    Understanding Annual Returns and Accounting for Small .pty

    I registered a .pty company for small IT work I do on the side outside of my work. I have kept track of all of my transactions (my expenses) and invoices that I sent out to my clients. Firstly I don't understand the very obsecure website. What is annual returns and how do I do it...
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    CIPC website exposes private information

    New CIPC website exposes private information: complaint MyBroadband has received a complaint that the new Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) website has privacy and security problems
  10. mh348

    CIPC Name Reservation -

    I want to register a new company (pty ltd) for one of my existing businesses that I'm currently operating as a sole trader. I've just checked cipc and noticed that there is already another company with the same name that I want to register.. The company's status is currently "AR Final...
  11. M

    Start-up business- Accountant or no accountant?

    At the risk of sounding like a money-grabbing nuisance, this is my opinion: I noticed on this forum, that many first-time entrepreneurs ask if they need an accountant when starting up a business. Anybody can register a company at CIPC, or register for taxes at SARS, etc. Doing the...
  12. M

    Is the CIPC website down?

    Has anyone tried accessing the website for Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) - I was on the website yesterday, all was fine, however no luck today.
  13. B

    How to register a new company?? Please help

    Hi Guys, I’m a 21 year old student at Wits studying a BSC Property Studies. I’ve got a very entrepreneurial mind and drive and have a successful events company that I just run as a sole proprietor. Anyway iv recently had a great idea for an expo and iv met with all the parties involved as...