climate change

  1. Jan

    South African Energy Minister Opposes Coal Ban for Climate Aid

    Rich nations should not force anti-coal power conditions on South Africa — energy minister Rich nations shouldn’t force South Africa to ban new coal-power projects and impose other conditions as a requirement for funding to help reduce its environmental footprint, the country’s energy minister...
  2. RedViking

    What is Your Ecological Footprint?

    Go here and calculate your Ecological Footprint: If everyone lived like me we will need 3.6 earths or 6.1 gha. 1. What is your ecological footprint? 2. Is it possible to do something about it or should we just live our lives to the fullest as...
  3. J

    North Atlantic threatened by rapid cooling

    North Atlantic threatened by rapid cooling A study by a British and French team of climate scientists has challenged the previously held notion that any significant change in temperatures here was unlikely before the end of the century.
  4. G

    1.5 million years of climate history revealed
  5. G

    Why the End Times Might Reek of Methane
  6. C

    Activist tries to superglue himself to British PM

    Activist shaking Gordie's hand This chap really is putting his money where his mouth is, nice to see. A bit whacky but strangely healthy for society as a whole.
  7. LazyLion

    Move the Polar Bears to Antarctica? Poor Penguins! :(