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  1. Jan

    CFTC and MTI liquidators settle, file consent order over $1,733,838,372 claim

    Liquidators of South Africa's biggest pyramid scheme in history strike deal with US over R33-billion claim The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has reached an agreement with the South African liquidators of Mirror Trading International not to pursue a $1,733,838,372 (R33...
  2. Jan

    Acting judge Alma de Wet officially declares MTI a pyramid scheme

    Mirror Trading International declared a pyramid scheme Acting high court judge Alma de Wet has finally declared Mirror Trading International (MTI) an unlawful scheme. “MTI’s business clearly amounted to an unlawful ponzi-scheme, i.e. a fraudulent investing scam promising high rates of return...
  3. Jan

    Mirror Trading International liquidators quietly call special creditors' meeting

    Secret Mirror Trading International creditors' meeting called Mirror Trading International’s liquidators have quietly scheduled a meeting of creditors for 09:00 on Friday, 1 April 2022. No notice of the meeting was posted to the liquidators’ website or to a public Telegram channel where...
  4. Jan

    Interim payout deal for MTI losers

    Mirror Trading International victims get offered payout Mirror Trading International’s liquidators have offered to demonstrate good faith to victims of the alleged pyramid scheme by paying a portion of their claims. In exchange, those who want to take the deal must withdraw their opposition to...
  5. Jan

    Man arrested in Mirror Trading International case for failing to appear before enquiry

    First South African arrest in Mirror Trading International case An alleged net beneficiary of Mirror Trading International has been arrested after failing to appear before a Section 417/418 enquiry called by the scheme’s liquidators. Multiple sources have informed MyBroadband that Phillip...
  6. Jan

    Legal eagles in MTI case are worried about what might happen if it is declared a pyramid scheme

    Shocking twist in multi-billion Mirror Trading International case Startling allegations against the liquidators of Mirror Trading International (MTI) and the Financial Sector Conduct Authority have come to light in court papers filed to oppose the declaration of the scheme as an illegal...