1. A

    CNA sale

    Anyone hear of or can confirm the CNA sale? Attached pics. I went in store but no such luck :(
  2. J

    CNA (Stationery) store Abbreviation - what does it stand for ?

    CNA (Stationery) store Abbreviation - what does it stand for ? Crafts N Arts?
  3. C

    CNA Online - excellent service in a timely manner

    I used CNA's ecommerce service for the first time the other day. I was really impressed. I needed a certain item before 10am. They promised me it would happen and it did. It's great to know they are so reliable especially during the festive season when things are so busy.
  4. jes

    iTunes gift cards in SA: the details

    iTunes gift cards for South Africa: details Both physical and digital iTunes vouchers are on the cards for the South African market
  5. T

    Modern Warfare 2 Presitge edition

    I was at the CNA in Menlyn the other day and saw the prestige edition of Xbox IIRC, which is about 2k and comes with what looks like NV goggles. Surely those can't be real! Don't those usual retail for about 5k+?