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    Afrihost New ClientZone full of prettyness

    I must say, I like what they've done with the new ClientZone. It's still in Beta so there is a glitch here or there such as when you update a field, the screen scrolls up/down making it hard to find your place quickly :erm: ; but it's comfortable to use and I was able to update some details in...
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    Web hosting software setup

    So I've got this host who does everything via terminal. Which is fine, but I prefer to have control of my own piece of the server - even if it's webmin. So I suggested he install something like ispconfig on the centos box. Which he probably won't, but I was wondering whether webmin software...
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    control panel missing

    hey, well my laptop has becoming really slow and what not. done all virus scans and everything is fine but now control panel is gone. i click it in the start menu but then says 'explorer.exe - apllication not found.' i read somewhere that its registry problems causing this. I havent found any...