1. Creag

    Big Bash League - 2019/2020

    Tue, Dec 17 Brisbane Heat Sydney Thunder The Gabba 7:10 PM Wed, Dec 18 Sydney Sixers Perth Scorchers SCG 7:10 PM Thu, Dec 19 Melbourne Renegades Sydney Thunder GMHBA Stadium 7:10 PM Fri, Dec 20 Hobart Hurricanes Sydney Sixers Traeger Park 2:45 PM Fri, Dec 20 Brisbane...
  2. J

    Can Smith, Boucher and Kallis pull the Proteas out of the Doldrums?

    so everyone i know has been so negative against the cricket boys, and i am hoping that smith-boucher-kallis can take us to the best cricket heights of yesteryear what do you guys think? will south african cricket be the best like it once was in the time of Woolmer/ Hansie/ Jonty? i really hope...
  3. J

    Name your "Proteas Dream Team"-Past and current greats?

    So, with Pakistan being in South Africa for the current cricket season, it got me thinking.... if you could, who would you have in your ultimate South African Dream Team Squad, past and current players mine lineup in this batting order would be as follows: 1. Andrew Hudson-very consistent...
  4. Creag

    Cricket: Domestic Chat Thread

    Launch note to the interested: I cannot see if there are any threads created or dedicated for local domestic cricket discussion or banter, especially since the cricket sub-forum is in sy m*** in :D If there is enough banter, chat, dialogue, gossip, tête-à-tête, heart-to-heart, head-to-head...
  5. NeonNinja

    No more international cricket?

    Cricket West Indies urges caution against 'doomsday' T20 scenario Cricket's doomsday scenario, where domestic T20 leagues wipe out international matches, has become the subject of a discussion paper prepared by Cricket West Indies (CWI), ostensibly on the evolution of Twenty20 and how...
  6. K

    Hashim Amla leaving for Kolpak

    Does anyone else think its sad for SA, but good for him to sign a Kolpak deal and make some good money in the UK whilst he can still play top form cricket? He is already 34, but SA will miss him terribly... I say, go for it Hash if it will be good for you; you deserve it! It has not been...
  7. C

    Racism by CSA and ANC in SA cricket.

    Here is the answer – matter solved.
  8. Creag

    Cricket: The Women's Cricket Thread

    Ladies cricket is picking up and gaining in prominence. Time for a thread of its own. First order of business will be a few links to source information on our Proteas: Team Profile: Proteas Fixtures:
  9. B

    IPL8 2015 - The Official thread

    Hi All, The IPL is a little over 2 weeks away. First off, Solitude has already created the Superbru pool under the MyGaming name. Superbru Link Pool name: MyGaming Pool code: hakecabs Fixture list is: HERE Personally, I'm looking forward to the Royal Challenges who have: AB...
  10. Creag

    Man and superman

    This is a long article. It is beautifully written and well worth reading all the way through. I have posted a couple of extracts from it to "whet your appetite". Enjoy :) AB de Villiers may come across as something of a fictional superhero on the field. But his relatively underplayed...
  11. A

    CWC 2015 - CSV for importing fixtures into Calendar

    I've created a CSV of the CWC 2015 fixtures, allowing easy import into your fave calendar. It's mapped for Outlook, but you can change the mappings for other calendars. Also, I've currently set reminders for certain games, at game start time. Edit this to suit your preferences and schedule...
  12. NeonNinja

    De Villiers 'ready' for Test captaincy

    More: Not sure if I concur, but seemingly all for it, as I don't see anyone else apt ATM...
  13. D

    No Airtime For NBA

    Firstly I would like to thank DSTV for their contract with NBA to showcase NBA games. However, overall I'm not happy with the service being delivered and I still would prefer for ADSL, than to pay for DSTV :erm: (seven hundred so bucks) AND still catch up on my games (gotta love the net). Not...
  14. H

    The Official MyBB WorldT20 2014 (cricinfo) FANTASY LEAGUE

    Hi. You know what time it is! To join the Official MyBB WorldT20 2014 (cricinfo) FANTASY LEAGUE, search for "My BB WorldT20" league, password ecfc01. Enjoy and Goodluck!
  15. G

    sabc sport with no commentary

    Hi guys, I have noticed something odd lately. There are times when matches on SABC tv are broadcast without any commentary. I can hear the sound from the stadium just no commentary. If you listen to the radio especially the cricket game on right now, one can hear the tv guys speaking in the...
  16. K

    Where to Download Cricket Test Series Matches 2014

    Hi guys, I was wondering is it possible to download some of the cricket test series matches from this year (that being 2014). I do not mind paying for the download (should a cost be involved...and I don't mind about quality). I missed a few games and I was wanting to download and watch them...
  17. MickeyD

    South Africa vs Australia Official Tour Thread

    FIXTURES February 2014 5 (Wed) 3 Day Warm-up - Senwes Park, Potchefstroom (10:30) 12 (Tues) First Test - SuperSport Park, Centurion (10:30) 20 (Wed) Second Test - Axxess St George's, Port Elizabeth (10:30) March 2014 1 (Fri) Third Test - Sahara Park Newlands, Cape Town (10:30) 9...
  18. NeonNinja

    Champions League T20 (17-09-'13 to 06-10-'13)

    Champions League T20 Schedule 2013 cricket Tournament will start on Sep 17, 2013 in India. The last match of the tournament will be held on Oct 6, 2013. Group A: Mumbai Indians (India), Highveld Lions (South Africa), Perth Scorchers (Australia), Rajasthan Royals (India), Q1 (Qualifier)...
  19. Creag

    ICC World Cup 2015 - World Cup final returns to Melbourne

    Twenty-three years after Imran Khan led Pakistan to victory over England, Melbourne will again host the World Cup final in 2015, while Sydney and Auckland will hosts semi-finals just as they did in 1992. A wide range of alternative options for the major matches of a tournament co-hosted by...
  20. LazyLion

    School taken to court over Cricket Demotion

    A man has taken St Charles College to court to stop them dropping his 17-year-old son as captain and as a member of the Pietermaritzburg school's cricket first team, The Star reported on Wednesday. The father could not be named to protect his son's identity. According to court papers, his...