1. J

    [W] Crypto Motherboards and CPUS! Bring me yours ASAP!

    Item wanted (be very descriptive): Crypto mining motherboard + CPU combo Is packaging essential?: No, but would be nice Desired age and condition: Working Location: Alberton Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes The Ts and Cs: Ideally looking for combos (motherboard + CPU) that can run at least...
  2. N

    Crypto Tax Software

    What is the common software/service everyone is using to calculate your tax on crypto for SARS? Most of them sent to either be BS, very expensive (Per trade cost) or not geared to South Africa or just plainly wrong.
  3. J

    [W] 15 x Bitmain S9 miners with PSU

    Item wanted (be very descriptive): 15 x Bitmain S9 miners with PSU Is packaging essential?: No Desired age and condition: Just looking for good working condition Location: Alberton Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes
  4. jibo82

    Luno support is non-existent

    I am locked out of my account and dont have access to my 2fa, so i used the option (which is now no longer avilable) to provide by details to disable 2fa. I received an automated email with a reference. This was over a week ago. Since then i received no communication from them. I have sent 5...
  5. Lefty309

    Cheapest way to get transact on Binance & the most Lucrative way to withdraw ZAR?

    Hi, I am new to crypto and have 2 questions. As Binance suspended the depositing and withdrawal of ZAR about 6 months ago, we are left with using our credit cards to buy crypto directly. This carries a standard 3% fee as well as a currency conversion fee from our bank (2% ?). Another way is to...
  6. I

    Another Crypto Tax Thread

    Ooookay so just a quick question if anyone could assist, I submitted my IRP6 for period 1 this season and included all my crypto tax gains which I cashed out and just added them in with my normal income (I'm a freelancer), but I'm wondering if I didn't make a mistake doing so? I was wondering if...
  7. A

    Did someone use this guys ?

    Hi Guys Need your help Did someone register on this website before ? Thnak you Good day Alex
  8. Anthro

    New Windows 10 ‘Extraordinarily Serious’ Security Warning For 900 Million Users

    Microsoft Windows users have got used to the monthly "Patch Tuesday" update cycle and the disclosure of fixed vulnerabilities impacting the operating system it brings with it. Because of the well-documented problems that users updating Windows 10 have suffered over the last year or two, many are...
  9. J

    Complete GPU Crypto Mining Farm For Sale + Extras

    Item name: Complete GPU Crypto Mining Farm For Sale + Extras Age and condition: Varies - Good condition all round Do you include packaging: Yes - full retail packaging for every single component Warranty: Yes - remainder of warranty on all components Reason for selling: Upgrading the mining...
  10. J

    [W] ASIC Miners - working or not (Antminers, Innosilicon, Whatminer, Ebit, etc)

    Item wanted (be very descriptive): Crypto miners (ASIC based), working or not Is packaging essential?: No Desired age and condition: As new as possible Location: Jhb Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes Basically looking at anything which is not a D3 :p Miners which I am after (not only...
  11. phly

    Altcoin Thread - 2019

    Thought this should be created to discuss all the alts that exist out there. Is it alt season yet or Bitcoin has not settled enough for the alt season to start? Some are popping up and others are at their lowest. Could it be a question of time before we see altcoins outpace bitcoins recent growth?
  12. J

    Profitable crypto miners! You know you want to ;)

    Item name: 8 x Panda Miners (220-230 Mh/s at 590-600W - currently running on HiveOS) + PSU Age and condition: Unsure of age. Condition is fair (outer metal shell scratches easily), but the inside works like a beast Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Mining CUD Price...
  13. J

    [W] BTC or ZCash Crypto Miners

    Item Wanted: BTC or ZCash Crypto Miners Packaging Essential: No Desired Age: As new as possible Location: Alberton Willing to accept a shipped item: yes Ballpark/Budget Amount: PM me and lets chat
  14. G

    Crypto Tax Adviser

    I'm currently earning my "salary" almost complete in crypto: 1. Mining (what tax is applicable here?) 2. Donations for open-source projects (probably non-taxable) 3. Small contract dev work and getting paid in crypto (probably income tax) 4. Crypto investment portfolio (probably capital gains...
  15. J

    [S] Brand new sealed GTX 1070ti - open to offers

    Item name (be very descriptive): MSI Armour GTX 1070ti 8GB Age and condition: Brand new sealed - RMA replacement Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes - remainder with PTA-based supplier Reason for selling: Already replaced the card Price: R6500 neg Negotiable: Yes Location: Alberton /...
  16. C


    I'm stuck with altcointrader, i have been with them for nearly 3yrs without any issue, until this Saturday 24th when i deposited large sum of R250,000 and it was credited to my account same day as always from fnb to fnb, i decide to buy stellar coins and my transaction was completed with them...
  17. J

    The Black Friday Mining Mega Sale!

    Item: +- 60 x Bitmain L3+ (with a PSU) +- 60 x Bitmain D3 (with a PSU) Age: Couple of months Price: R5k per miner including PSU - neg (open to offers) Warranty: None, will provide proof that each miner is fully functioning :) Packaging: Should have dusty boxes for days if you really...
  18. Little Mac

    Crypto Industry on ‘Brink of an Implosion,’ Researcher Says By Olga Kharif October 9, 2018, 4:25 PM GMT+2 Declining daily transaction volume, values seen as negative Quarter-over-quarter transactions are seen plummeting again Echoing...
  19. R

    [S] GPU Mining Rigs x 3

    Item: 3 x 6 GPU rigs (roughly 3000 Sol/s) Warranty: GPUs – Balance of 3 year (6 months old), PSU balance of 10 years Packaging: No/Yes Condition: Excellent Age & Used: 6 months old Location: Durban Reason: Freeing up capital Shipping: Yes Collection: Yes Price: R175,000 slightly negotiable...
  20. J

    [W] Some ASIC Miners / Antminers

    Item wanted: Looking for some Antminers (specifically the following models - S9, E3, X3, Z9 mini, Z9, T9+) with PSU Is packaging essential?: No Desired age and condition: As new as possible, but needs to be working 100% Location: Alberton Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes Prices with PSUs...