data loss

  1. W

    Vodacom just turned 235MB into 500MB. Their counters must be broken, as usual.

    This morning I got an SMS from Vodacom telling me that my 500MB data bundle for the month had expired. This is a new sim with their 3GB or 500MB/month for 6 months data promo loaded (R150 upfront cost). Went and checked my data usage on my Android phone and it said 235MB consumed since 1 Feb...
  2. Jamie McKane

    Have you lost data due to hard drive failure?

    Have you ever lost data due to a hard drive failure? Were you able to recover or restore the files?
  3. marine1

    Afrihost are criminals - Opening a case of of theft against them

    Afrihost are stealing data So the other day, I posted a thread detailing my loss of data on their prepaid. I added prepaid data and my data, almost 1 gig disappeared in a matter of seconds. Numerous mails back and forth and they are saying it was my side. So here is the kicker!!!! I...
  4. B

    Daily data loss - Afrihost & D-Link

    I have a D-Link 2750 (telkom) ADSL router with a D-link 157 3G dongle with my MTN sim. When I changed from ADSL to Afrihost, I noticed that my monthly usage went up by about 1,5GB. After I disabled wifi and removed all lan connections, I noticed that I was still using about 50MB per day (=...
  5. G

    Has Momentumnet lost your personal information too?

    I received a phone call last week from Momentumnet last week saying that they had lost some personal parameters during an upgrade. I obviously refused to give a stranger my details. I called them today to report an error, and the consultant confirmed that they had lost parameters during a...