deep cycle

  1. RedViking

    The Battery Thread (Solar / Inverter)

    Seeing that there is a lot of discussion and questions around batteries for inverter and solar setups, I thought a dedicated thread is a good idea. This will help to keep the inverters threads focused on the inverters and finding information, prices, stock and general discussion and suggestion...
  2. RedViking

    Mecer 2400VA Inverter (Community Support)

    This Thread is for the Mecer Inverter only. My personal opinion on the unit: Seeing that there are lots of question and in lots if threads, here is my review/input on the Mecer Inverter. Instead of reposting I'll just reference here. I'll add more info soon. This should give you an idea what...
  3. D

    Solar PV system advice

    Anyone got any experience with "deep cycle" batteries used in stand alone solar PV systems? I've recently installed 2 x 300watt panels on my roof which feed through a 30A charge controller into a 24V/300AH battery bank. A 1200watt inverter draws current directly off the batteries, not...