dns issues

  1. hongkongpom

    Big DNS problems this arvie 3pm to 4.30 in Joburg

    What happened to the DNS resolvers this arvie??? Started with major issues with my fibre company. Then noticed I couldn't even use my cell phone data (on a different network) as kept getting DNS problems! It's like the DNS went down for Joburg affecting multiple platforms!!!
  2. P

    US Netflix

    Is this worth a try or are there better DNS options? https://vipdnsclub.com/ Dont want to sign oin and i get screwed. Netflix SA getting boring.
  3. M

    DNS of Telkomsa.net contact (Trouble with emails from Google )

    Hi there, ANybody around here knows how to get in touch with a Telkomsa.net DNS administrator? (and not via @telkomsa.net email addresses :D ) Reason, there have been, since last week, a situation where most of the times telkomsa.net's MX records doesn't resolve via Google's DNS (at...
  4. X

    Afrihost unbale to resolve DSL users DNS resolve issue

    I am at my wits’end about this problem with Afrihost. I am considering getting professional help resolving this so a recommendation for who to use would be appreciated. The problem is that Afrihost ADSL users are resolved to IP when they attempt to browse to the website...
  5. H

    DNS Related problems ?

    Hi all, Is anybody having problems connecting to Google.com or .co.za, gmail even facebook using MTN (MTN Online) with the following DNS IPs and ? Pinging works Pinging google.co.za does not work --> Invalid source route specified Pinging works...
  6. ijacobs3

    DNS Issue on SBS 2008

    Morning all I'm hoping someone could provide a bit of insight on a DNS issue i am having on SBS 2008, a bit of backround, i started working at a company a few years back, and the main domain controler server is an old sbs 2008 install, which has worked fins until a few weeks ago. As it sits...
  7. A

    Blacklisting of DNS on local DNS servers

    Let me start by saying I am not a DNS guru but I have been working with DNS for a long enough time to "think" I have a handle on this. The issue strated when I visited the IETF website at https://www.ietf.org. I got a certificate error and this made me suspicious. So I ran nslookup on...
  8. B

    DNS Issues causing mail queues

    Anyone else experiencing DNS issues which is impacting on email not being delivered and queuing up when delivering to certain domains, especially one hosted by Helkom.