dns server

  1. Z

    STATIC IP for Telkom Mobile

    Hello I got the Huawei LTE-A E5186 router from Telkom. I need to have a dynDNS setup, to run an application for our business via VPN. But as far as I can tell (and see in settings) the router does not support DNS. So second question... Does Telkom Mobile support STATIC IPs? Ive tried...
  2. F

    Looking for a wifi router that can act as a DNS

    Hi everyone, I hope this is the right forum for this question. For the last three decades I've been running my own servers in my local LAN. However, Linux on laptops, virtualization, cloud storage, web based services and other developments over the years have made this pretty much...
  3. P

    Norton ConnectSafe

    i am adding the norton connect safe dns servers on my billion router, but for some reason it ain't working. could this be due to the proxy iburst is using? ConnectSfae is a free safe dns service: https://dns.norton.com/dnsweb/huConfigureRouter.do
  4. A

    DNS Servers changing very often - performance implications - IS backbone

    Hey everyone, So I am curious about something I noticed over the last few months. The DNS servers that are dynamically assigned to my IP by the ISP seems to change very very often - even within a session. Why would it be that the ISP would need to change them so often? Given the recent spate...
  5. LazyLion

    OpenWeb DNS Server problems?

    anybody else have issues with DNS servers? Pages won't resolve properly. :confused: