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    Need advice with Domestic worker contract

    Hi Good day I need advise if our Nanny will need a contract Below are details - Domestic worker helps my mother in law to clean her house Wednesdays and Fridays. My mother in law pays her for these 2 days.She pays her R 250 per day Working hours from 8:00 to 3:00 pm - Monday,Tuesday...
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    Problems with domestic worker

    Hello. I live overseas, and I'm not from SA, so these things are more difficult to navigate for me. I lived in Cape Town for about two years total, and I had a maid for about six months, she'd come in once a week. When I was leaving the country she was devastated, because she was losing her...
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    Retrenching a domestic and covering your bases - have I left anything out?

    Since my wife has started her new position beginning this year...we have decided we need to cut back a little on things, as we sometimes land up struggling, last month I had to rely on my CC - not great considering the debt already on there. Granted my wife is studying so its not like its every...
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    How much do you pay your domestic worker?

    What do you pay your domestic workers? Do you feel that you probably should be paying them more or less? Both my gardener and cleaner who come in once a week for 8 hours currently get R220 cash + open access to my kitchen for coffee and a healthy breakfast and lunch. I personally could...