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  1. PhreakBoy

    Dota 2 Plus

    Was not sure whether I should post in the existing Dota 2 thread or create a new topic. Last night's update introduced Dota 2 Plus - a subscription service for Dota that replaces the Battle Pass. Pricing is $3.99 per month with discounts for longer subscriptions...
  2. D

    Help determining reason for packet loss

    Hi, in a bit of a pickle here :confused: When playing games (League of legends and DOTA 2 is the most obvious) I'm getting random instances where my character doesn't move, anything I used/cast is used suddenly when it goes fine again. Seems to be a lot of packet loss in the logs but none...
  3. W

    What you need to know about Security While Playing Online Games

    I have been gaming for quite a while now, Dota 2 being without a doubt my absolute favorite. Also being an IT security expert you tend to look a bit deeper into what you do online and who you do it with. Whether its buying a new item with your credit card,using two factor authentication or...
  4. W

    Gamers Hacked!

    What you need to know about Security While Playing Online Games mods pls delete
  5. C

    CDT Community

    Hi all :D CDT is looking to the community, any players are welcome even if you just starting out we will help you improve. Our main games are dota, LOL and we have been playing alot of GTA V.We do compete but at the same time we are a community so we take time of to enjoy other games to...
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Dota 2 The International – making gamers rich

    Dota 2 The International – making gamers rich On July 21, 2014, two five man teams from China battled it out for a $5.025m – equivalent to R59.9m – cash prize in a tournament that had seen competitors from all over the world meet in Seattle.
  7. H

    Shots fired.... Dota 2 Jokes

    These are the best Dota 2 jokes I have seen thus far: Dota 2 Dad Jokes How did harbinger die? He OD'd Why did AA's fiancee leave him? She got cold feet Why did Tiny's wife leave him? Because even if he grows, he's still tiny. How do you know kunkka is a pirate? He torrents...
  8. R

    HELP!!! Laptop to buy for Chemical Engineering and WHERE to buy it Locally?? PLEASE=)

    Hey Guys - Really in need advice on what laptop to buy and more importantly where to buy it from locally- most of the advice i can find online is US based and when i look up the prices here its nearly triple or doesn't even exist. So heres the deal - I have a budget of about R13K. I need a...
  9. T

    New Dota 2 players, wanting to join a clan(Supports and/or junglers)

    Hey :) I'm new-ish to dota 2 but I'm forming a new clan. WOuld prefer new ish players too, but dedicated(as far as they can help it). we plan to join tournament ect. SUpports and/or junglers preferred but talk to me, and we can see? Regards
  10. S

    DOTA 2 Give-away

    Hey all. I have 25 copies of DOTA 2.....all free. If you would like one or have a friend that would like one feel free to contact me. Search me on BF3 or Steam TheOnlyDefiler
  11. F

    Have spare copies of Dota 2?

    Hello fellow forumites :) If you have some spare copies of Dota 2 collecting dust in your Steam inventory why not donate it to those in need? There is several ways to spread the love, most of them can be found in the reddit sub sharedota2. If you can't be bothered feel free to send me a pm...
  12. E

    I have some DOTA 2 Steam Keys to give away

    Just give me your email and i'll send it to you.
  13. NomNom

    Free Dota 2 Invites avaliable

    I've got 5 Dota 2 invites available to anyone who wants them.
  14. K

    DotA 2 Item trade

    Hey guys. I'm looking for Bounty Hunter's "Master Assassin's Tails". It's the last item I need for that set. Does anyone on MyBB have it and, are you willing to trade me for it? Send me a PM if you do have it :) Thanks!
  15. F


    Dota 2 beta key give away event for Saturday 25th Feb at 6pm +2GMT 10 keys for lucky gamers , we will give a few out every hour or so , either by random draw or ask a dota trivia question - will be having a dota 2 marathon with some fun games , and will also be casting some high quality match...
  16. NooBieless

    Dota 2 Community Page

    Hi all.. To all those who are interested in joining the Facebook Community page on Dota 2 Have a look see :) Thanks