dstv streaming

  1. J

    DStv standalone streaming launched in South Africa

    DStv standalone streaming launched in South Africa DStv has launched its standalone streaming service, allowing users to sign up for the full DStv experience without a satellite connection. "Watch all your favourite TV shows, movies and sport on your terms," the company states on its...
  2. T

    DSTV Now Live TV - doesnt connect during peak viewing times

    Can someone please help me with this problem... When I try to watch a Springbok rugby game live on the DSTV now website the stream jut freezes. It works fine on my Android phone but the laptop just refuses. I have tried different browsers and different connections. Is there something I...
  3. Napalm2880

    Anyone else having issues with DSTV streaming today?

    When I open up the URL for streaming http://www.supersport.com/video/playLive.aspx?ids=83534 and enter my login details, it just refreshes the page and clears my username and password I entered. Doesn't throw any errors or anything. DSTV support were unable to assist. I've used IE and...
  4. F

    Suggestions for setting up streaming throughout a home

    So I have an interesting challenge on my plate, I am hoping that I can get a few ideas from the geniuses of the forum! Basically what I would like to achieve is to have everything setup in a central place (we will call this the control room) and stream over the network. In said control...