1. M

    SARS E-Filing 2020/21

    It's that time of the year again. Any tips? What is it that I hear that I need a new browser to complete my E-filing? Is this true? Filing Season 2021 for Individuals Individual income tax return filing dates 1 July to 23 November 2021: Taxpayers who file online Taxpayers who cannot file...
  2. M

    SARS E-Filing 2019/20

    Does anyone know when individual tax return filing season starts? Is it still 1 July?
  3. RedViking

    Return is outstanding - SARS - Accounting firm screw-up

    I need some advice and how to handle this situation. I am using an Accounting firm to do my Taxes for me. I approached them in 2015 and asked if they can please bring all my TAX up to date, as my knowledge then was very limited, had no idea how TAX worked and the way I receive an income is not...
  4. QuintonB

    Tax season opens for employers

    SARS eFiling season for employers opens The 2014 tax filing season for employers has opened
  5. B

    SARS - Can't view e -filing calculations

    When I click on "view calculations" I get a message that I need a newer version of PDF viewer. I clicked on the link provided and downloaded Adobe's latest version. It installed automatically and I clicked on "agree" to their conditions to activate the software, went back to e-filing but keep...
  6. M

    SARS E-filing : Statement of Account

    How do I get my SARS Statement of Account on E-filing?
  7. supersunbird

    SARS/e-filing and rental income

    So I'm trying to do my e-filing but have a small snag. In august 2008 I bought place that I'm renting out. So I tick the Y box about recieving other income. Then I filled in the "Local business blah blah (incl, rental income)" sheet with my income from the tenants and then I filled in...