1. Ivan Leon

    Ford EcoSport recalled for front lower control arm issue (India)

    Ford has recalled the EcoSport to inspect the welds on the front lower control arm. According to the carmaker, weld strength on some cars may not be up to specification and could affect steering control. A total of 4,379 EcoSports built at Ford's Chennai plant between May 2017 and June 2017...
  2. C

    Ecosport ambiente 1.5 consumption

    I'm on the brink of buying the Ford Ecosport 1.5 ambiente. I'm just trying to establish - in lay man terms - how good this car is on fuel consumption. Currently drive a 2011 Ford Figo Ambiente 1.4.
  3. S

    Mini SUV under 300k

    Dear knowledgeable MyBB folk. We have been looking at a nice family car, does not have to be spacious, but must be Safe and Reliable (under 300k). My wife seems to be set on the new Vitara or 2nd hand B-class. My worry is on the reliability and resale of Suzuki - will Suzuki be around for the...
  4. Ivan Leon

    Ford recalls 16,444 units of EcoSport over twist beam issue
  5. Ivan Leon

    Ford EcoSport recalled in Australia over wiring defect

    Ford has recalled a total of 2804 EcoSports in Australia over a suspected wiring defect. The issue in question may cause the side airbags to not deploy correctly in the event of an accident. According to the official release published on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission...