1. RedViking

    What I Love About My Town

    *This is not another hate thread or why you think a place is a dump. And mention a political party (negative), Race(ist), Corruption or Politics and you can help yourself to the door.* Tera's post on Jozi made me realise the place people stay and what they enjoy about it is a different...
  2. B

    What are your favorite art styles in the house?

    Many people do not really know, but try to imagine yourself with these types of art on your wall. Reply 1 to 21 to show your interest. Me: 1. Portraits - faces or people 1. Portraits - faces or people 2. Nostalgic pieces or anything vintage looking 3. Simple, unoffensive, or calm pieces 4...
  3. LazyLion

    Did Ken Mullan die?

    Ken Mullan was a very popular SA singer back in the day. If you google his name you will find some of his music videos. For example... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZr4A0fbzPk
  4. S

    Minix neo u1 vs Mi Box

    Hi I am looking to add android tv to my entertainment center. I found that The Mi box and the Minix neo u1 looks like the best under R2000 I am know most of their specs but want to know more about the interface? Which would you buy or which have you bought? or is there a better one I am...
  5. D

    TOP 10 Series to watch right now

    10. Taboo (Tom Hardy) 09. Legion (Another Xmen Story) 08. The Crown 07. The path 06. The leftovers 05. Emerald City 04. The night of 03. Narcos (if you haven't already seen it) 02. westworld 01. Stranger Things (Many great shows out there share if there's anything else...
  6. Everyones-a-Wally

    Official alternatives to Multichoice in SA

    OK, so we all know quite well what Multichoice offers, but I realised there are official SA based alternatives that I know little about. I'd like to get as much input as possible to make my own decision about alternatives - I'll post the feedback here in the OP. I don't want this to be a...
  7. LazyLion

    Justin Bieber Hopes Anne Frank 'Would have been a Belieber'

    Teen idol Justin Bieber faced withering criticism Sunday after he visited the Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam and wrote that he hoped the Jewish girl who died in a Nazi death camp would have been a fan. The museum said on its Facebook page that Canadian singer Bieber, 19, had visited the Anne...
  8. LazyLion

    'Evil Dead' Scares up some Box Office Cash

    Horror flick Evil Dead landed at the top of the North American box office over the weekend despite its small budget, lack of superstars and familiar storyline, according to studio estimates Sunday. The remake of a 1981 movie scared up 26 million dollars in ticket sales, surpassing its...
  9. C


    Who do you think will be this year's winners? http://movies.msn.com/academy-awards/nominees/
  10. C

    Illuminati is it real.....?

    This illuminati thing ,the media and these artists that are selling their souls, what is going on!!!!?:confused:
  11. LazyLion

    It's official! GOG.com supports Mac OS X.

  12. LazyLion

    25 hottest Upcoming sci-fi Movie trailers!

    http://blastr.com/2010/08/heres-25-trailers-from-up.php I hope some of these are at least good. :p