1. Kevin Lancaster

    This is how crime messes up great IT businesses in South Africa

    This is how crime messes up great IT businesses in South Africa Esquire has been forced to close its store in Port Elizabeth because of crime, even though the branch was very successful with a loyal client base.
  2. P

    Looking for Esquire account for personal use

    Hey guys I'm saving up for a mid-range gaming PC and I'm interested in buying the components from Esquire. I used to buy from them with my dad's Esquire account but I'm thinking of getting my own one. I've searched the forums and it looks like Esquire provides MyBroadband members with...
  3. E

    Esquire- Spring Clean Deals 2016 Part 1

    Welcome Spring! The long frigid days of winter are over and spring is finally here , it is once again that time of the year when we have some really amazing deals to clear out our warehouses to make room for new stocks that are already coming in for the festive season . Take advantage of these...
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    Esquire launches courier company

    Esquire launches courier company Esquire has launched a courier company in order to cut costs for its clients who order items online.
  5. T

    Esquire Tech

    Good Morning Folks, Anyone know how to but from Esquire as a private individual? Is this even possible? Thanks guys
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Some good news for tech prices, despite the weak rand

    Some good news for tech prices, despite the weak rand The weak rand will affect the price of gadgets and computing products in the medium term, but there is some good news for the festive season.
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    New cheap dual-SIM MyWiGo Android phones coming to South Africa

    New cheap dual-SIM MyWiGo Android phones coming to SA Esquire has inked a deal with Spanish MyWiGo to bring its affordable Android devices into South Africa
  8. N

    Lenovo T430 - Is this genuinely a good deal?

    Hey there folks, Just been evaluating the prices of laptops these days and it's kind of weird to see Celerons being sold at some brick & mortars for 4-5K. So Esquire decided to offer this recently: The Lenovo T430 is a 3rd-gen...
  9. QuintonB

    This week's tech and gadget specials

    Insane Samsung deals and other tech specials This weekend there are many promotions on tech products, including gaming monitors, TVs, tablets and more
  10. Kevin Lancaster

    Top tech specials this weekend - 22 August 2014

    Top tech specials this weekend If you are looking for a tablet, TV, or laptop, you can save thousands of rands this weekend
  11. NeonNinja

    Cheapest 40" TV

    I know Game had it for R2599. Special over. Esquire has a 39" Coby (?) for R2499 ex.
  12. Jan

    Crazy tech specials, birthday sales this weekend (15 August 2014)

    Crazy specials, birthday sales, and other tech deals This weekend consumers can enjoy “crazy specials” on computer monitors, as well as many other tech gadgets.
  13. Kevin Lancaster

    SA price, date for the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini

    Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini price in SA South Africans keen on getting the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini need not wait for it to launch through mobile network operators
  14. Kevin Lancaster

    Great tech and gadget deals - 25 July 2014

    Great deals on tech products and gadgets South Africans can save a lot of money on tech deals from Makro, Dion Wired, Incredible Connection, and other retailers this weekend
  15. J

    Esquire | OCZ Vector RMA

    Hi all I wanted to check if I'm being unreasonable here... I bought a 256gb OCZ Vector from Esquire on 04/04/2013 which is now dead - it doesn't get detected by the BIOS (confirmed by Esquire). It was sold with a 5 year warranty. When Esquire phone me to tell me this, they say since the...
  16. QuintonB

    Esquire online tech shop reporting massive growth

    Esquire Technologies online shop booming Technology distributor Esquire has reported a 600% growth in its online sales over the past two years
  17. jes

    Tech deals this weekend (30 May 2014)

    Tech deals this weekend (30 May 2014) Consumers can save money on televisions, tablets, laptops and other gadgets this weekend in various promotions
  18. Zenbaas

    Esquire and MyBB members changing account policies

    Have been to meaning to create this thread for a while but just haven't managed to get around to it. After my account was deleted after roughly two months of "inactivity" (If Esquire asks my last transaction was towards the latter half of Oct 2013 and I stopped receiving your promotional...
  19. QuintonB

    Black Friday deals in SA: share your finds

    Best Black Friday deals in South Africa Many South African retailers are running Black Friday specials, offerings discounts on technology products
  20. NeonNinja

    Esquire VRN Christmas website package deal

    No sure if it's worth it? Maybe for business starters, and those who need professional online presence. What I'm confused about is number 5: "2GB free data usage on the site." Is this the traffic, then after 2GB exceeded you're charged? Tad pricey for me. Source: email.