1. J

    Wanted - 2018 or 2019 Ford Everest SUV (XLT model)

    Item wanted (be very descriptive): Ford Everest 2.2/3.2 (XLT) model Is packaging essential?: N/A Desired age and condition: 2018/2019 XLT model - low mileage, and mint condition Location: Alberton What I am after: Make: Ford Everest 2.2/3.2 (XLT) model - Auto Color: White Year: 2018 / 2019...
  2. Ivan Leon

    Ford Everest SUV Burns During Journalist's Test; No Repeatable Problems Found Yet

  3. Ivan Leon

    Ford Everest / Endeavour (2015-)

    India was introduced to the first generation Endeavour in 2003. Priced at Rs. 12.90 lakh, it was the most affordable premium SUV back then. Localisation levels were at 20% and the company targeted sales of 150 units each month. The Endeavour's two main disadvantages were its bumpy ride...
  4. C

    Everest vs Fortuna

    Not sure if anyone read the latest Autodealer insert on the Ford Everest, but has anyone ever heard a journo talk more nonsense than Tony Day?! Did he honestly think that this Ford is any good? I wish I still had the paper with me so I could quote some of his drivle, but I let my dog use it for...