1. Vorastra

    Man nabbed using hearse to allegedly smuggle explosives

  2. LazyLion

    World War II Explosives Found Under Future Airport Runway

    An airport spokesman says that dozens of World War II German artillery shells have been found at the site where a new runway is to be built in southern Poland. Katowice airport spokesman Cezary Orzech told The Associated Press on Monday that "large quantities" of shells have been found since...
  3. LazyLion

    Homeless Durban Man Found with Bomb

    Police in Durban have defused a bomb they found in the trolley of a homeless man, it was reported on Friday. Desmond Daniels, sales representative for the security firm UDI electronics, told The Witness a member of the public raised the alert about a man carting scrap metal along a road in...
  4. M

    Exploding Barrels

    I wouldn't say that I've played many FPS games in my life but most, if not all, contain those red exploding barrels here and there. The earliest example I can think of is Medal of Honour: Allied Assault, which was probably the first FPS I played, and it had quite a few. I'm currently playing Bad...