1. J

    Do I need any special permits to import (order) Vitamin B1 powder from China?

    Hi guys, Ive been wanting some bulk vitamin B1 but its insanely expensive here (R15 per gram) but I found I can get it from china at R1.50 a gram, just wondering if anyone knows if I need special permits as its not a medicine/drug but SA being SA might have classed it as one
  2. A

    Export transport - "oversize charges"

    Hi, Let me start with a *long post disclaimer* (just want to set the scene properly not to waste others' time) :-) I'm helping out a one man company that designs, fabricates & sells a range of steel 4x4 vehicle accessories primarily to local brand enthusiasts - sold online and delivered using...
  3. B

    DHL vs Fedex vs TnT vs Others

    Hi All, We are running a business which includes importing mainly 2 types of electronic devices straight from China. We deal with only two suppliers. So far we have been shipping with whoever seems more convenience for the exporter. We want to get an account with a courier that can also clear...
  4. C

    Dietary Supplement Registration

    Hi All, I've been doing some consulting work for a company that manufactures and distributes dietary supplements (more specifically, weight loss tablets, soups and shakes). My work is admin-related, but I was tasked with finding out how they can get their products abroad on a large scale (as...
  5. zaidmo

    Alternatives for sending and receiving international shipments (bypassing SAPO / EMS)

    Hi. Does anyone know of any alternatives to posting a parcel (not a container) from abroad to South Africa, that doesn't pass through EMS or the SA Post Office? I've tried DHL but I still had to collect my stuff at JIMC / EMS and that place is in chaos since the strike (I had to visit...
  6. threegee

    SATNAV - Moving Saved Locations to a New Device

    My post on the Vodafone Forums: I just moved from a Bold 9000 to a Bold 9700 (South Africa - Vodacom). I have managed to move all data to my new device except for my saved locations on SatNav. There MUST be a way to transfer this data but low and behold I've searched Google for 2 hours and...
  7. PhreakBoy

    Export/Import sms

    Hi all, Still trying to find my feet with the new phone. I tried googling this, but can't seem to get a straight forward answer. I have about 100 sms' on my Sony Ericsson that I would like to move across to my iPhone? I don't wat to forward them as they all would then show as coming...