1. R

    CPA Year long battle won :D sortof

    Hi I have had an almost year-long battle to get faulty goods either refunded/repaired by the store I bought it from, which blamed user error for the defect/loss. I eventually succeeded through the Consumer Goods & Services Ombud and learnt a ton of stuff to do with the CPA. I got a mail...
  2. G

    Returning a Used Cars within 7 day.

    Hi guys I bought a car over the weekend but it turns out there is a problem with the transmission. I know they'll probably offer to fix it and all, but I've lost faith in this car and just foresee me dealing with issue after issue with this car. So what the deal with the 7 day return? Are the...
  3. N

    MiFi faulty - cancelling Afrihost subscription and website site hosting

    Having received 2 MiFi devices one after the other that had as much noise as signal, I have cancelled my subscription. There was no attempt on Afrihost's part to fault-find my specific situation. They simply tested it (so they said) and returned it saying nothing wrong. My own fault-finding was...
  4. NomNom

    Defective Hard Drive Sounds

    Very informative site about the different sounds a hard drive can make and when to know if you need to backup your data immediately or when the hard drive has failed. http://datacent.com/hard_drive_sounds.php http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVvJMvTM7Sw
  5. K

    Dam MWEB

    So I downgraded my account for September and cancelled as well to take effect at the end of Sept. Now they charged me full price for September. WTH. Guess a bank query is required and I will settle their bill manually as you cannot trust them to do the debit order correctly.:twisted::mad:
  6. S

    DSTV wont swap out New Drifta in warranty because its been on 2 accounts.

    Hey Guys I Recently bought a brand new DSTV Mobile Drifta from a colleage who had got himself a HD PVR of which came with the Mobile drifta Decoder. He had tied the decoder to his account a day before I bought it(He had had it for less than a week) Once I bought it from him he canceled his...
  7. Z

    Blackberry 8520 - Faulty Trackpad

    Hi guys, I bought a BB 8520 on a Vodacom Contract earlier this year. However a few months after, the trackpad just froze and became unresponsive (I couldn't move the cursor when I touched the trackpad) So I took it in to Vodacare Cresta and they gave me a new phone after about a week and a...
  8. D

    Strange new HDD behaviour :(

    well i have been doing lots of head scratching and hair pulling. Bought a new 1.5tb drive for my pc a month ago. and the dam thing intermittently seems to power down and power back up, you literally hear it klunk off and on. I've checked the power settings in the bios and in windows 7 and...
  9. K

    Nokia N95-8GB Screen Problem

    I have a really irritating problem: My N95-8GB's Screen is Faulty, Sometimes it just stays black, or it shows up normal for a second or two. Otherwise it looks like the image-link below: http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/7673/22012010003res.jpg Other than the screen, the phone can be...