1. Rouxenator

    Your current favourite emoji

    There are plenty of emojis to chose from, what is your current favourite one? This is mine ATM https://emojipedia.org/female-factory-worker/ Although some sites render it as *
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    Favourite ISP and mobile network of South African techies

    Favourite ISP and mobile network of South African techies MyBroadband’s 2016 Technology Survey has revealed the mobile network of choice of South African techies.
  3. Shaun108

    Post your current favourite song

    I shall start with: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDSud7vAH_0&feature=kp
  4. Zenbaas

    Some of my Favourite Gadgets

    Well I have a few gadget that I've bought over the last while that I've found to be incredibly useful when camping or just in general so I though I would list some of them here and add as I find others. Black Diamond Apollo lantern-This thing is tiny but it emits a lot of light in a small...
  5. threegee

    Playbook Useful Apps

    The amount of apps for the Playbook is still a bit lean but there are some cool free ones already out (all in Appworld). TheConverter > converts just about anything Color Harmony > great for designers to pick a colour and get complimenting colour sets Guitar Playbook > for the musos, has a...
  6. bwana

    Which is your favourite lens?

    I'm sure most multiple lens owners have a favourite lens amongst their collection. Mine is the uber cheap (build and price) Canon 50mm f/1.8 simply because of its speed and image quality.
  7. E

    For those who like their hubbly...

    what's your 'flavour of the week'?
  8. Mephisto_Helix

    Favourite movie quotes

    Movie Quotes Do you ever find yourself repeating these gems in your daily situations ? I want to see what everyones fave movie quote is and if it is indeed been used. My favourite has to be : "Hey, taak it eezy" (mexican accent spelling attempt here, lol) from Nacho Libre. Whenever someone...