1. W

    ANC pledges support to Mugabe & Zanu-PF .........WT$!!! Concerned?

    Now we have heard it all......This is the South Africa we live in.....Our ruling party has openly pledged their support to Robert Mugabe and his Zanu-PF party to help them take back control of Zimbabwe..........Our country is supporting a dictator, tyrant & mass murderer. Please explain?
  2. mercurial

    Drug to erase bad memories could see the end of troubling flashbacks

  3. mercurial

    The girl who collapses everytime she giggles

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  4. L

    New Crime Statistics Ghastly

    Source: The Citizen No, I'm not propagating anti-South Africa nonsense. I am, however, suddenly filled with gratitude for living five storeys up with the only entrance firmly gated. C'mon SA! Down with the crimes already!