1. A

    Your favourite new feature found on Mango

    Hold the back arrow button and you will get a similar result as ALT+Tab on the PC.
  2. jes

    Chrome 8 shines with new features

    Chrome 8 shines with new features Google continues its relentless pace of development, shipping Chrome 8 this week.
  3. Rouxenator

    I guess I really should have tried an iPhone before?

    For a long time now many people have endured the sometimes repetitive stabs at the iPhone followed by the choir of praise and worship chants from fanbois. Many an argument has been dismissed with a simple "If you have not used it then shut up" statement before another counter attack is proposed...
  4. S

    Afrihost - Become a Beta Tester (of the latest website features) ??

    I just logged into the Afrihost ClientZone and saw the following link - Become a Beta Tester under the My Details section. Clicking on the link brings a popup which shows the following: This is followed by a check box and a save button. Is this something new that has been released, or...