free software

  1. wrinklyo

    What the hell is downloading in the background?

    I connect up to the internet using my cellphone (MTN). I check email, do some banking, and read the news on Google. When I check my data counters I've downloaded 27MB of data. And I can't find out what the hell it is that's downloaded. Windows updates switched off, Adobe updates switched off...
  2. T

    Caligari trueSpace

    Caligari trueSpace is free - where it was previously a commercial release. The founder urges everybody to download trueSpace while it still is available. The download page can be found here Enjoy!
  3. medicnick83

    Drive Backup 9.0 Free Edition

    Hi guys, I need to clone my 320GB drive to my 1TB drive (both SATA drives) and in my search for 'free cloning' type software, I found this program. Anyone ever used Drive Backup 9.0 Free Edition? I'm downloading it now to test it...
  4. LazyLion

    Microsoft to offer free security software! While I always like the idea of Free Software, somehow I can't help but think that MS might be playing dirty monopoly tricks here again. :rolleyes:
  5. LazyLion

    Sites for Completely Free and Legal Software!

    Sites for Completely Free and Legal Software! This thread is specifically for Freeware and Open Source Software. (No Warez, Cracks, Serialz or links to copyrighted software please!) CD & DVD Burning, Discs and Disk Images Image Manipulation, Drawing and Photo Editing Office Suites, Accounting...