galaxy s8 plus

  1. C

    Pixel 2 XL vs Samsung S8 Plus

    So I'm moving to the USA shortly, and I'm long overdue a new phone. Due to budget constraints I'm not in the market for the newer gen phones, so I'm looking at one of the two in the title. Anyone have any meaningful experiences/insights on the topic? A general Google search and some forums...
  2. A

    RE: Flashing stock firmware to Galaxy S8+

    Hi, I apologise if there is already a thread open on this topic. I have a samething Galaxy S8 + Model numer SM-G955F. I bought it through vodacom. What I want to do is flash samsungs stock firmware via odin to remove vodacom's crap ware. Questions: *If I do this will I void my samsung...
  3. faniebraai

    Samsung Galaxy S8

    So the rumours start