google pixel

  1. Xplod

    Google Pixel

    Why isn't the Pixel not getting shipped in South Africa though? What are the exact reasons? Must have missed the post but it's really frustrating!
  2. C

    Pixel 2 XL vs Samsung S8 Plus

    So I'm moving to the USA shortly, and I'm long overdue a new phone. Due to budget constraints I'm not in the market for the newer gen phones, so I'm looking at one of the two in the title. Anyone have any meaningful experiences/insights on the topic? A general Google search and some forums...
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    The Google Pixel is an awesome smartphone

    The Google Pixel is an awesome smartphone When MyBroadband’s technology editor Jan Vermeulen visited the US recently, it was the perfect opportunity for me to replace my Nexus 5 with the Google Pixel.
  4. Dave

    Google Pixel launched

    while it's spec looks good, it looks like Google's designers have just designed an iPhone clone.